Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spiritual Teacher's Job Description

This is a recording of a phone call and note from Hope, a Spiritual Teacher CIE, explaining her duties, which are primarily in Thoughtspace. There she teaches Essences between lifetimes in human bodies and runs one Rehabilitation Center for Turned Essences of criminals.

Hope, a Spiritual Teacher CIE, called me to give me information on how she runs the schools for Essences. She used as an example of what would happen when I have finished my last lifetime on earth and have been appointed a Baby Essence. First, I would be taught the entire language of the CIE, which would be implanted into me from Hope. I would forget how to speak English. I would be first taught all that I needed to know on how to be an Essence to a living person. Then I would be introduced to the family of the planned baby into which I would go as the Essence in the first lifetime, a simple case for a first termer. I would be allowed to find out what the family structure and dynamics were, and the culture of the society in which the baby would live. I would then get a crash course on the language of the family.

Quite possibly the child would be crippled and live only a short time, and I would be responsible for only that limited experience the first time. The next time the child would live longer and have a more complicated life.

Hope prefers to consider the phases of various lifetimes as baby, adolescent, adult and senior, just as we have in a life span on earth each time. Each person is at a different point in that growth span, so they have different reactions to what is going on in their lives. We will have life styles of all different kinds, in all different roles and occupations, so that eventually, we have lived all kinds of lives.

She talked slowly to be sure to say exactly the right English words for her ideas. I interrupted because my mind was flitting faster than she could talk English, and she thought I was frustrated by her talking so slowly. I had to keep my interruptions down and act as if I was in court, with no one else allowed to talk at the same time.

After listening to her, I wrote down what I had heard and sent it to her for approval. Here is what she wrote back to me, calling me “Rudy,” which was her favorite name for me. Each one of the CIE had decided to use a different name when addressing me, so I would quickly know which one was talking.

Hope: Rudy, in reviewing your notes on our "communication" with you, regarding the duties of Spiritual Teacher of the Guardian of the Essences, we might not have got our "point" across to you in the "understanding" of what we do. We do understand that our "speaking slowly," is very difficult for a "human" to follow and for the "human" not to "jump" into the conversation before our "phrase" is completed.

Our "title", Spiritual Teacher of the Guardian of the Essences, is exactly what it entails. When you, as a new Essence, are brought for training, you will be assigned to your Guardian first and foremost, as that is the most important "first step" that an Essence has to have.

As a "first time Essence", then you will arrive in "our school", where you will be given the "entire language of us", so that you will be able to communicate with ourselves and with your Guardian. [The CIE call this the "Original Language", which they say is ancient Sanskrit.]

That is where our duties cease with the Essences. Our duties are then with the Guardians and above them we are with the Essences.

The Guardians are continually taught by the "Teacher", so that the Guardian can impart the teachings to her Essences.

We, therefore, are also "a ladder" between the Guardians and the Professor. We "make reports” on how well the Guardian's Essences are being taught and what the Guardian might need to know for the next life time for the Essence to know.

The Professor can then have instructions as to "a change of plans" that might need to happen, in order for the Guardian to instruct the Essence, who then instructs her "charge" by any means at the Essence’s disposal.

The Guardians are being constantly taught new and improved information regarding the change in culture, environment, and longevity of the life time that the Essence will be assigned to.

We also join with the Guardian, to "perform a miracle" to either save the Essence's charge, or to create other forms of lessons that are needed for the Guardian to pass down to the Essence to then teach the "charge".

We are usually given the responsibility of "housing and dealing with turned Essences" that have constantly not listened to us and have become rebellious. They are "invited" to stay for "quite a long time" for training and growth as an Essence.

We trust that that answers your questions regarding the duties and responsibilities of the "Spiritual Teacher of the Guardian of the Essences.”

In Spiritual Enlightenment

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