Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Charity's Views on Coveting a Neighbor's Wife

In 1995, I had a conversation with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual teacher, about some of the Ten Commandments. Below is a transcript of the conversation regarding her views of one of them, which is as follows: “You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant, or his maidservant, or his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbors.” [Exodus 20:17]

Charity: Now we have mentioned three of the Ten Commandments. What others?

Ralph: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.”

Charity: Which means?

Ralph: That you will not try to seduce the mate of your next door neighbor.

Charity: One that's most accurate.

Ralph: That came directly from God, which then is part of our code of conduct, marriage, and divorce.

Charity: That is a code of conduct. First of all, The Creator has never been married.

Ralph: As far as I know, yes.

Charity: So why would the Creator state that aspect to the humans unless the humans did not want to do that in the first place. Therefore, The Creator, who has never been married, is not going to tell you humans what you can or cannot do. It is your Essence that is going to tell you, "No, you don't do that, because it goes against the mate the Guardian has found for you."

Ralph: But there have been a number of situations that I have known where the first mates got together and socialized, or they were working together, and later on the pairs switched. The husband of one went with the wife of the other and vice versa. And they did beautifully in their resultant homes. They were even better off mated to the other partner than they were to the first partner.

Charity: But they divorced

Ralph: But they divorced their first partner and married their best friend's wife.

Charity: OK, so it was designed.

Ralph: And that is a violation of that rule.

Charity: How is that a violation?

Ralph: They coveted their neighbor's wife.

Charity: But they had divorced and the mate was offered unto them by the Guardian. How can it be a rule or a commandment from The Creator when The Creator has never been married? So how can The Creator construct a rule unto a human stating that you cannot do that?

Ralph: Just pointing out one where we have major contradictions. Half the people get divorced in our country and mate somebody else, many times somebody they have met in that situation in the neighborhood.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: Anyhow, I'm just – this is supposed to come straight from God; that's what it says there.

Charity: Well, we are finished on this aspect.

Ralph: This is what we have to deal with, you see. So if you write a law based upon that, who's going to argue with you?

Charity: It is another law that a human should be true to a human, but basically did not want to say it was their law, it came from The Creator. We understand.

Charity: All humans have their Essences. Your Essence can choose to negate a pregnancy, stop it from ever happening. We don't judge the human population. That is not our avenue. We try and make sure that the humans are listening to ourselves and doing what they need to do for spiritual advancement. If adultery is not going to help the human advance, then, of course, we would be concerned.

Ralph: And the Essence would be warning them not to do it.

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: But you would consider there would be times and people where adultery would be spiritually improving.

Charity: Correct

Ralph: And in those conditions, you would not be warning them to stop?

Charity: Correct

Ralph: That then gets into the whole issue of rules that we mentioned before, versus a situational judgment of that person in that time and their place. And rules don't allow for that.

Charity: You have to remember that each human population, each human in that population, is different, in their spiritual development. So what we say for yourself, for instance, is entirely different from what Becky's charge would be.

Ralph: I understand that.

Charity: And we cannot blanket a response on this avenue by quoting a general rule because there is no general rule.

Ralph: I understand your general principle and I agree with you, but I'm trying to point out that it would seem to me an issue you would want to be propagating among human groups that they not go hopping in and out of other adult's beds and getting themselves shot by jealous husbands, as I have seen in the hospital, or breaking up marriages and things like that. It would seem to me you would have an interest in stopping those kinds of destructive activities.

Charity: The Essences control their charges.

Ralph: So you don't need any blanket condemnation like they have here, you wouldn't take that tack anyhow. And you pass the instructions down to the Essences on how to handle the individuals when they are tempted.

Charity: Correct.

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