Friday, June 20, 2008

Charity's Views on Adolph Hitler

In 1995, I had a number of recorded conversations with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor. Here is one about the fate of Adolph Hitler, who had an Essence which was so badly turned that it went to stay for all eternity in Charity’s special rehabilitation center.

Charity: If we understand correctly, with Mr. Booth who destroyed Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Booth’s Essence was not only turned, but was completely destructive. There was no hope of rehabilitation.

Ralph: Hopeless, like Hitler.

Charity: Basically, yes. For assassinations of this caliber, most of the Essences that use the body to exact revenge are turned Essences or baby Essences who do not like their assignments. Or they wish to some matter of a destruction mode that the Essence sees as a way of gaining attention from ourselves to the matter of exercising their Free Will. And they also have the falsehood that they will come up and be one of ourselves, and not have to come back and be incarnated into another lifetime again. They have a mistaken notion that they have done something that is pleasing in our sight.

Ralph: Is there any way they can get reassigned or promoted?

Charity: No, nothing can happen. On the avenue of the human being, the human being is connected to the Essence. Therefore the interconnection continues on. If the human carcass therefore ceases, then the Essence will be assigned to another. That is the only way a human can be walking and talking and breathing and existing.

Ralph: Now we do have individuals who appear to be as alienated as possible from The Creator, people like Adolph Hitler, for example.

Charity: He is in our special school.

Ralph: Right. They are on the earth as alienated as possible as anybody could be from The Creator’s intentions and desires and plans as anybody.

Charity: The Creator does not make mistakes.

Ralph: They have chosen to be going in the opposite direction.

Charity: The Essence has chosen, yes.

Ralph: I'm just wondering if they still have the same connection?

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: Do they break the connection?

Charity: No.

Ralph: What do they do as a result of their choice of Free Will to go in another direction? Do they create some kind of change in their energy?

Charity: There are no changes. The flow is there.

Ralph: So it is not as if when they get so rebellious – like a leg gets so diseased it is going to kill the body, we cut it off. You don’t have a way of cutting off an Essence who has become so diseased.

C; No, but we have our ways of having a more of a – on your avenue regarding your leg, more of the avenue of bringing in extra energy on that part of it. Because with the Essence of that human that you spoke of, and the Free Will choice, it is in our school and it will be there until the end of time.

Ralph: As long as you care to keep it?

Charity: It will not contaminate. It will stay where it is at. It has its system going, but we have the extra added energy onto it, to basically bypass it so it can continue on.

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