Sunday, June 22, 2008

Charity's Views on Lying

During 1995, I had many conversations with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor. Among them were talks about the Ten Commandments. Here is one exchange we had regrading the commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” [Exodus 20:16]

Ralph: So let's go to the next one. "Do not steal" We've already covered that. You don't have objects up there to own, so again you have no concern about stealing. Here again this is a social rule that is better if they do follow it, but their Essences will be there and if you have turned Essences, they are going to steal. Alright, here is another one we didn't cover. "Do not accuse anyone falsely."

Charity: Is that not lying?

Ralph: Basically, it would be like in a court action, in a trial, like when Danny went to court for his molestation charges. The witnesses against him should always tell the truth.

Charity: Well, that is an avenue that we most definitely work to help the humans to always do. That's the Essence that is involved in that avenue.

Ralph: Well, this one is the reverse of telling the truth. Basically, don't go and make accusations that are false about somebody to try to get them into trouble. Which is a good social rule.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: Whether or not it is something The Creator would have laid down is another issue.

Charity: As we have said, The Creator created the human population. The Creator is not going to lay down these rules of conduct to the human population. All these are done by the human population to control the population.

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