Friday, June 20, 2008

Charity's Views on Homosexuality

One of the conversations I had in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, was about homosexuality. Here is the transcript of that conversation.

Charity: Homosexuality is not a mental illness. You have been a homosexual in your prior lives.

Ralph: We have a political battle about this all the time, about whether or not somebody is born homosexual or whether they become that way. Would you care to make any statement about why some people are innately attracted to a person of the same sex instead of the opposite sex?

Charity: Each human has to experience all avenues of everything. When you are going through your lives, the ones that are starting now or condemning the homosexuals will be homosexuals themselves.

Ralph: This will be one of their lifetimes, whether they choose it or not?

Charity: Of course

Ralph: Ten percent of the population are homosexual, if you add them up. In any culture, any group, any nation, about 10% prefer the same sex for their attraction. And they just happen to be the group who have the problem.

Charity: They don’t have a problem

Ralph: Well, we have the religious right who look in the Bible, and it clearly says in the Bible that man should not do that. God disapproves of that. It says so right there.

Charity: Show me where it says that.

Ralph: I'm not going to pull the Bible down because I'm not a religious writer but I’ve heard it quoted.

Charity: We have already stated –

Ralph: Man wrote it.

Charity: Right. The Creator does not care.

Ralph: In many books I have on Jesus’ teaching, people writing these manuals were writing to large groups, not to individuals, and, in large groups, homosexual behavior does not keep children being produced, so that is not good for increasing the work population. So they wouldn’t want that, since you wouldn’t have enough children to do all the jobs you have in an expanding economy. So its not good for the group. But for that 10% it’s fine.

Charity: It was written by man.

Ralph: Written by man, OK. We don’t have a God up there that hates homosexuals, is that what you are saying?

Charity: The Creator does not hate.

Ralph: Well, you can hear all these people on TV talking about what He doesn’t want.

Charity: It is what the humans want, and they use The Creator by stating that – they are always using Him

Ralph: They use him as a bully boy, somebody with a bat who is going to hit you if you don’t do what they want.

Charity: Why would The Creator design some humans with homosexuality and some that are not? Some are gifted in music and some are not. Why did The Creator not design all humans to be the same?

Ralph: He could have.

Charity: He could have if He had chosen to but that would have negated our responsibility.

Ralph: It would have been very boring; you wouldn’t have had much to do.

Charity: Yes, we’ve been busy.

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