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Charity's Views on Leaders

During my conversations in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, we discussed how our political leaders are chosen. We have a belief that in a democracy leaders should be chosen by the voters whom those people would lead. Charity disputes this idea, saying that the Spiritual Guardians of the potential leaders know whose Life Plans include their being leaders. Therefore, those who have Life Plans including holding high leadership positions in government need not be elected. I have to admit that she didn’t explain just how those individuals would be certified as the right ones for those positions. But here is our discussion on how to get leaders of our governments.

Charity: Why would you want to pass something [a law] that can't correct a social behavior when your family has instilled what social behavior you need for that culture which you are born into – that the Guardian has selected for you? Why?

Ralph: I don't know. Why do we elect these people to office? Some of them are you’ve got to be kidding.

Charity: Do you vote for them, is that not the term?

Ralph: The ones I vote for don't always get there. I wonder about the people that want to go into that line of work.

Charity: What we would like to see in your realm of your running your government is not an elected official. It would be basically a position that the Guardian has led that Essence to put their charge into. It's not something for the humans, other humans, to vote on for that other human, being you think as a human thinks that that human needs to be into. It is not up to you humans to decide what another human is going to be into if the Guardian has chosen for that one to be in there. If you have chosen to disapprove that one that the Guardian has been told to put into that office, you have therefore deviated from their Life Plan and you have deviated from your Life Plan and the other ones that have voted it down.

Ralph: Could I introduce the fact that in ancient Athens in Greece, I understand, they did exactly that?

Charity: Thank you.

Ralph: They had all members of the legislature picked by lottery

Charity: That's not the term we're talking about.

Ralph: I'm saying that every, in this case, only males, were considered equally competent to go into the legislature, and they just pulled by lot who would go to the legislature. They didn't run for election, nobody had to have campaigns, nobody voted, but they got a very representative sample of the citizens who did quite well. I'm just saying the fact that they were led in there by that method instead of election turned out well.

Charity: That is an avenue that we had instilled unto that culture, but they had taken it further by still drawing a lot instead of letting the Guardian take over.

Ralph: You could still decide whose lot gets drawn.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: I'm saying that this avoided the question of elections and all the ramifications of campaign contributions.

Charity: But what we are concerned about is because of your avenues, because your globe is not being run well, is that you humans are choosing what individuals need to be running your globe's affairs, and therefore the ones that we have sought are not in there and they should be in there. And then each course of all humanities that are on the glove their courses are not clearly laid out, they are deviating from where they should be.

Ralph: Well, I think you have just hit another sacred cow. This was just the latest. I want to bring to your attention that our election process as a republic, which you should note is that all of us that are represented elect equally a representative who goes to the central headquarters to vote on these issues with the other elected people. We don't directly vote on the issues from home. That is another suggestion however, by the Internet, that we could do that. But at this moment –

Charity: You humans are even choosing to change the design of the Internet to cause them to get onto that.

Ralph: I'm just pointing out that we have a second hand vote through our representatives.

Charity: What we would also like to see, as we told you, is that the monetary system be abolished, but we are working towards that now.

Ralph: Well, I don't think I will be around here to see that. We consider this particular style of electing representative to be a great improvement over what most of the world has, who don't have the choice to elect anybody. And who gets into run the government is somebody who shot the other president.

Charity: It might be what you humans consider running, but most humans don't even know what an Essence is, therefore when the Project comes across, the idea of an Essence and the duties and responsibilities of the CIE becomes known and your leaders will then understand the avenue and may change back to what it should be. This is all part of The Great Deception.

Ralph: How is that aspect ?

Charity: You humans needed an avenue of having, once we have stopped you believing in and worshiping ourselves and then reincarnation was taken away, all the avenues of all the other stuff regarding the parts of the Great Teacher, that everything was changed to bring about a way of making sure that your globe was built up and evolved the way it is now. Once that is happened, then this part of it must be changed back to what it used to be.

Ralph: Then let me ask then on the question of government representation, the old style was kings, and initially they would be the most powerful warrior in the tribe. Isn't that generally who became a king? The others die off, and only the strong survive. He was also a charismatic leader whom everybody respected.

Charity: You have to remember that when, as you say, in ancient Greece, they had drawn the representatives by lot. They had also for the way that the battles were done, or if they had won a great battle so they were then deemed to be very important to be leader of that great country.

Ralph: That is one style of picking a leader,

Charity: That is an inadequate style. We do not enforce the idea of the idea that you humans have of destroying another Essence. Why bother to try and kill another human being?

Ralph: I'm not debating that, I'm just pointing out that the original king, many times, was the most successful leader of their army.

Charity: The most successful warrior and leader, but there was an avenue which was distant in history, you can't find it in your literature, but there was an avenue with one civilization or culture that we were involved in that they were elected for their wisdom only, to run a country.

Ralph: I'm just pointing out the sequential ways. The next one is the kingdom that then goes by birth, and the king's son then becomes the next king. The king of England – that's the way they have it, right? These are styles that have existed.

Charity: These are all part of The Great Deception.

Ralph: Let me try and understand what was being deceived in this political – I don't get the connection between the Great Deception and the political succession of leadership.

Charity: You have to remember the succession of leadership was to build up the country in your globe to what it is now. We want it all to be reversed back to the culture that we have been involved in quite some time ago. To bring it back to electing or having the Guardian instilling into the Essence is to let that human know that they have the wisdom to run that country or that continent or that state or whatever you choose to call it.

Ralph: I have an automatic question. How does this child then growing up to be the leader let anybody know about this to where they have a chance to be a leader?

Charity: It will be acknowledged.

Ralph: What about the one in Tibet? The Dali Lama is reincarnated into another little boy and that becomes the next Dali Lama and they just chose one not too long ago. In fact there were two contenders that were being challenged.

Charity: And therefore you can tell that there was not an appropriate system if there were two contenders.

Ralph: Well, I'm just pointing out that's what they have been doing for quite some centuries because they believe they can tell who is the reincarnated person of the dead Dali Lama.

Charity: No one can tell or decide who is the one who has the wisdom or the knowledge. That is why it is very important that the Essence be acknowledged and therefore the Guardian be acknowledged.

Ralph: I'm saying that that is another style that is close to what you are talking about. This person is destined to be the leader, and they took this little boy out, and they said, "We recognize him to be the destined leader for our country."

Charity: We would instill onto that human that this is the time we would be open, a lot being drawn, that lot could only be that human's lot and therefore would be running your continent for the matters that need to be for the wisdom and the spiritual maturity of the one pointed out.

Ralph: You can bring this to a real live president. How about John F. Kennedy? You told me he was now one of The Great Teacher.

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: Well, he was the president for two years. Now he went through the political process, he ran for election, he did all that and he became the president. Now was he not meant to be the president? Wasn't he where he was supposed to be?

Charity: He was meant to be, but you have to remember what you humans at that time had the fear of Catholics running because, most humans were afraid of that to happen. So all of the cards were going against him, they had made a decision, most of the humans did not think that Mr. Kennedy was going to be elected. And because of that, but of course you know that changed, if we remember right, he won not a gigantic margin but a popular vote margin.

Ralph: My point here is that he got elected in the standard process, so, if he was meant to be, why can't the born leader be elected through the standard process?

Charity: Because they are born leaders, you have very few of them, and most of your leaders that you have now become occupied with turned Essences and Essences that are being turned that most of the humans are concerned with monetary values instead of the avenue of helping others in need of whatever. They are not interested in sharing what they have to help the other humans.

Ralph: It does appear that one could get through the political process if one feels one belongs at the top. They have to be presidential acting to become elected.

Charity: But you humans also have to remember that you have monetary values of spending enormous amounts of money, of monetary funds to elect someone to any office. You have humans that need to be put into that office, but there is not enough money to get into that office. And most times we will not, we will change it if it will happen, needs to happen immediately. But most times we will not intercede.

Ralph: In regard to politics, we have major questions here. At this moment, we have countries where people have no right to pick their leaders, and they get whoever can undermine the current leadership, usually a general who raids the palace and gets rid of the present general who is in there. In some countries they have gone through nine generals in nine years. Those are not too stable countries, and they are often considered dictatorships, which is a bad word. But what you are suggesting is another kind of dictatorship, you see. These people have not come as a result of being recognized by the people they are dealing with as being qualified, having experience of working up in higher and higher levels of work, and therefore why should they be trusted with running our country? They haven't shown any skills. We have one right now, Jessie Jackson, who's a black minister. He has never run anything and he keeps running for president of the US. He hasn't been a mayor, he hasn't been a state governor, he hasn't been a legislator. He has had no governmental experience whatsoever, and if he would get elected – it takes skills to do the job.

Charity: He could have had the skills in a prior life.

Ralph: We don't know about his prior lives to be able to judge that.

Charity: Then why would you humans want to judge another human? What we are stating is why should you humans be judging something that has already been ordained by the Guardians they have?

Ralph: Nobody out there voting knows that the Guardians have decided any of this.

Charity: That is why it is important when the Project comes out that they will understand that avenue.

Ralph: But that is not likely to be an acceptable idea, because they could consider it a con job on the part of the person who said, "My Guardian said I should be president, so here I am!" That's not going to go very far.

Charity: There was the precautions to be put onto that avenue for that to never happen. We are not telling you that it is going to happen in your great-grandchildren's lifetime.

Ralph: I can see that. I'm saying that we would have to change completely the structure of the governmental process. I'm just saying it would seem to me on the surface of it that for somebody to make that assumption, that they are qualified for a leadership role in their society, that they are then going back to the dictatorship role.

Charity: You have to remember that if you humans state, as an example, if you humans choose to say, "My Guardian has chosen me to run the country", you would know by that pronouncement that no, that is a falsehood. No human is going to make that pronouncement. No guardian is going to make that pronouncement. It will happen. And for us to go on with this avenue will just bring you more questions. We would rather that we drop this subject and pick it up at another time to go on with it.

Ralph: Could I ask, as an example on TV last night, on the training of a man who led the Tartars through Asia, called Attila the Hun. And it was a description of his childhood and upbringing that led him to lead the Huns all across Europe as their leader since he was 35, and his father and uncles had all died. Now he was trained from boyhood with all the skills needed to lead his people. There was no lack of training that he was given. He was skilled in everything that he had to do. Now he naturally was seen by everybody who knew him as the most talented horseman, hunter, etc, that there was and they had no problems in seeing him leading him, because he was trained from age four. Now if that's going to happen, fine, the person is proving himself to his friends and neighbors, but otherwise I don't see how you could expect anybody to follow him.

Charity: What you were stating is what you humans believe is now, is what you have seen and what you have experienced. You do not see it how we see it. And for us to try to explain it to you is confusing because your belief system's instilled knowledge is taking control of what we are trying to state. When we can get the right wordage for you to be able to continue on for this part of this conversation, we will, but right now it is at the point that you are not ready for it. We have gone as far as we can with that avenue of it. Do you understand that, Dearest?

Ralph: I stated my question. OK, the other part of our belief system is that government works best with the consent of the governed.

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