Sunday, June 15, 2008

Charity's Views on Government

Below is another conversation I had with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, in 1995. This is about personal freedom, elections, and the way the Spiritual Guardian picks our jobs for us.

Ralph: The United States is set up as the forefront country in the world in propagating the idea of individual freedom for all residents to use their potential and not submit to control by their government. We have this going on all the time, and we go to other countries to blast the hell out of them and blockade them, like Cuba, because they won't give freedom to their residents. China right now is the latest one.

Charity: Therefore what you humans are choosing to do is to enforce your rules that you humans have made onto your continent area, to enforce that rule to other human beings in other parts of the globe. Why?

Ralph: What I'm saying in this regard is what we are seeking is that we want those other governments to give their citizens freedom – that's the big word – to use their own potentials as best they can.

Charity: But it is not freedom. You humans can do whatever you feel like to do, without hurting another human being. Is that not correct?

Ralph: The freedom that I'm talking about is political freedom from being told by a government where you are going to live, how far you can travel, who you should marry, what job you're going to have, where you're going to live, and all those kind of personal kind of things that all of us are perfectly capable of choosing for ourselves.

Charity: Alright, you state that kind of freedom. That kind of freedom is fine if you humans choose to accept that kind of freedom. But what about the freedoms that you are taking away from the human beings with the rules and the laws and more laws that you humans are passing. Answer that question. Michael, you answer.

Michael (Ralph’s Essence): Because they have politicians who want to control things, they have their own view and they say, "This is the way we're going to do it because I feel this is the way it should he done." They are creating rules, which, when you look at them, you say, "OK, we write this law and that is supposed to make social behavior, eliminate certain social behavior.” This doesn't really make much sense because passing a law will not stop somebody from doing something.

Charity: Why would you want to pass something that can't correct a social behavior when your family has instilled what social behavior you need for that culture which you are born into – that the Guardian has selected for you? Why?

Michael: I don't know. Why do we elect these people to office?

Charity: Do you vote for them, is that not the term?

Michael: The ones I vote for don't always get there. I wonder about the people that want to go into that line of work.

Charity: What we would like to see in your realm of your running your government is not an elected official. It would be basically a position that the Guardian has led that Essence to put their charge into. It's not something for other humans to vote on -- for that other human being you think needs to be into. It is not up to you humans to decide what another human is going to be into if the Guardian has chosen for that one to be in there. If you have chosen to disapprove of that one that the Guardian has been told to put into that office; you have therefore deviated from their Life Plan, and you have deviated from your Life Plan and the other ones that have voted it down.

Ralph: Could I introduce the fact that in ancient Athens in Greece, I understand, they did exactly that?

Charity: Thank you.

Ralph: They had all members of the legislature picked by lottery

Charity: That's not the term we're talking about.

Ralph: I'm saying that all, in this case only, males were considered equally competent to go into the legislature, and they just chose by lot who would go to the legislature. They didn't run for election, nobody had to have campaigns, nobody voted, but they got a very representative sample of the citizens who did quite well. I'm just saying the fact that they were led in there by that method instead of election turned out well.

Charity: That is an avenue that we had instilled unto that culture, but they had taken it further by still drawing a lot instead of letting the Guardian take over.

Ralph: You could still decide whose lot gets drawn.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: I'm saying that this avoided the question of elections and all the ramifications of campaign contributions and all that.

Charity: But what we are concerned about is because of your avenues, because your globe is not being run, is that you humans are choosing what individuals need to be running your globe's affairs, and therefore the ones that we have sought are not in there, and they should be in there. And then each course of all humanities that are on the globe their courses are not clearly laid out; they are deviating from where they should be.

Ralph: Well, I think you have just hit another sacred cow. This was just the latest. I want to bring to your attention that our election process as a republic, which, if you note, is that all of us are represented by a representative who goes to the central headquarters to vote on these issues with the other elected people. We don't directly vote on the issues from home. That is another suggestion however, with the Internet, that we could do that. But at this moment –

Charity: You humans are even choosing to change the design of the Internet to cause them to get on to that.

Ralph: I'm just pointing out that we have a second hand vote through our representatives.

Charity: What we would also like to see, as we told you, is that the monetary system be abolished, but we are working towards that now.

Ralph: Well, I don't think I will be around here to see that. We consider this particular style of electing representative to be a great improvement over what most of the world has, who don't have the choice to elect anybody. And who gets to run the government is somebody who shot the other president.

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