Saturday, June 14, 2008

Charity's Views on God's Revenge

This is another conversation I had with Charity, a Professor CIE, and my spiritual mentor, in 1995. We discuss the human view that God has a lot of rules for us to follow, and if we don’t, He will punish us severely.

Ralph: Another basic concept that is throughout our religious literature is that if we violate one of God's commandments, then he will punish us. That has been stated over and over again since the Old Testament was written. It's a major thesis in our culture.

Charity: But is it not a fact. How can The Creator be a revengeful Creator and not a loving Creator? The Creator does not care, does not have any desire, is a non-form, does not have human feelings that you humans have, so how can it be a vengeful God?

Ralph: That is why I was bringing it to your attention as a major belief system in our world today. It seems to contradict what you've been saying.

Charity: The answer is that what you humans have chosen to do is to have the Creator as a human being instead of what the Creator is, and that is an all seeing, all knowing entity, a energy force on this globe and others

Ralph: They also add onto that an all-judging entity who knows when you have done right or wrong and will punish you when you have done wrong.

Charity: There is no punishment aspect in our realm, there is no punishment. There is a relearning tool, there are instructionals, there is tutoring, there are lessons to be reinforced, hut there is never a punishment or a judgment laid down. A judgment and a punishment are human terms. We do not operate in that avenue.

Ralph: It's kind of hard for somebody paddle somebody in Thoughtspace, isn't it?

Charity: There are no forms.

Ralph: That's what I'm saying. It can't be done.

Charity: No.

Ralph: No paddles available.

Charity: We have ways of emphasizing our points, but those are for the Essences that will never be sent down again to inhabit another human form. But there are no judgments, there are no edicts. There are no rules. There is no vengeance laid down. There is compassion, there is patience in teaching. These are all human words, you know. But there is no judgment, no persecution or any kind of aspects of that because we do not have that capacity.

Ralph: That's the problem we've been laid on, that the Jewish God was a very vengeful God who laid down all these rules. You couldn't eat this, you couldn't do something on the Sabbath. There is a whole list of rules for the Orthodox Jew who thought that God was going to do some horrible thing to them if they couldn't follow them.

Charity: The Creator does not care what the human does because the human is a carcass. The Essence is what's important.

Ralph: But this is the image. I remember my preacher-father speaking that, when Christ came, he presented a different, a loving forgiving God who didn't expect you to follow all these rules or you were a bad boy from the moment you were born. That puts an impossible burden on people.

Charity: Of course. That is a human concept that is supposed to make humans perfect, and therefore can be The Creator.

Ralph: That would be obviously be the goal – if you know all the rules of the Lord, then, if you follow all of those rules, you obviously are just like God. You are always going to miss one of them and that is where you fail.

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