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Charity's Views on Evil

During one of my discussions with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, we discussed what she thought of the concept of evil. This happened during a series of discussions we had in 1995.

Charity: It is all the grand design from The Creator which is what we must emphasize to the humans that no human is born defective. There is no avenue of the term or the word “evil” as that does not exist in our language at all. Because there is no evil in our realm.

Ralph: When I listened to a rabbi, he made it very clear that all humans are going to be evil if they don't follow the rules of God. The first order was to learn all the rules of God. The second order was to follow all the rules of God. Now, that sounds sort of logical. There are all these rules we must follow and, if we don't follow them, we'll get whipped.

Charity: The rules of The Creator are very simple. By following them and listening to your Essence, you are following and listening to The Creator.

Ralph: We have the Free Will to ignore those instructions and advisories.

Charity: Correct

Ralph: In Becky's case, for example, she has chosen not to ignore them. She follows your instructions; she may argue with you about them before she follows them, she has committed herself to being an obedient servant,

Charity: That term is very demeaning

Ralph: She goes along with the plan. She's not an obstreperous, refusing person.

Charity: Right

Ralph: But she has the capacity to, if she wanted to. The thing that would be most equivalent to evil behavior is a rebellious Essence who is not going along with what is expected of him or her.

Charity: Right, it's called a Turned Essence.

Ralph: So, we do have a category for those who don't go along with the program.

Charity: Yes, but it is not called the term evil.

Ralph: We have many, many choices of how we may accomplish any task you have laid out for us. Our Life Plan is not rigid.

Charity: No

Ralph: It is not that we must go to a certain place and live in a certain building, or attend a certain church. So you have much more broader expectations. The Jews cannot drink out of certain dishes, and that is very strict. They can't use the pot for cooking that they are using for something else.

Charity: No.

Ralph: You don't care what kind of pot we use as long as we eat healthy food.

Charity: We don't care what kind of religion humans care to worship, just as long as it does not indoctrinate or change the role of the human at that time. We choose for them not to be a follower and follow blindly.

Ralph: Instead of listening to their own Essence, listening to the turned Essence of a cult leader.

Charity: Most correct.

Ralph: Falsehoods are one thing, and still and all what we start out with is the question – this is much more complicated, it seems, why I need to understand – you said there is no word for evil in your language. That presents a major problem in our society. Because these are things defined as evil, bad, criminal, immoral. Those are the basic words that they use to define an act of prostitution, or theft, or murder. It is our moral code translated into our legal code. There are lots of actions that other countries don't consider in those categories, so there is a cultural choice in each country. Then there is always the problem of when is that behavior acceptable and excused, under what conditions. There's always an exception. Killing somebody is only murder under certain conditions. It can be manslaughter; it can be justifiable homicide; it can be self defense. This is where we need discussion on these matters.

Charity: There is no justified representation for any kind of destruction of another Essence.

Ralph: Well, here we have plenty of people who feel justified in executing a convicted killer.

Charity: There is no justification for the destruction of any Essence.

Ralph: I hear you but I'm just saying --

Charity: Would you like us to repeat that?

Ralph: I'm not debating what you said. I'm just pointing out the major difference in what is considered to be moral, right for the populous of our country at this moment. I don't disagree with you. I agree with you and have for a long time, for other reasons. But I am saying I am in the minority. I definitely am in the minority. You probably have got 70-80% of the people in favor of the death penalty, and Marie has been one of them, from her comments.

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: So you have that personal knowledge of how this comes about, and she is an average person. In that regard, she is quite typical of Americans. That is something that we need to understand -- why there is a difference, because you have the Ten Commandments which said, "God said thou shalt not kill."

Charity: The Creator did not make up the Ten Commandments. The Creator has no feelings. Therefore how can The Creator hate? He cannot pass judgment, The Creator just loves, pure and simple.

Ralph: There is a psychiatrist named W. Scott Peck, who has written a number of books on religious aspects of psychiatry. He made lot of speeches, and, in the last book, he was into Buddhism, and now he has come back and is defining himself as a Christian.

Charity: OK

Ralph: This was his own statement. One thing I didn’t care much for in the first book I read of his was that he recommended psychiatry take on the job of treating all evil people.

Charity: There is no term for evil.

Ralph: In his book there was. This was all about the guys in prison who had raped and murdered and such. They violated all of our rules in society. Basically they are whom we would call sociopaths or Turned Essences, which is your term.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: I said I didn’t like that idea that psychiatrists should be given the job of treating them and expected to cure people who are perpetually into misconduct.

Charity: Right.

Ralph: Because we psychiatrists always get the leftovers from the rest of medicine. Once we learn how to treat them, somebody else takes over and gets credit for the treatment.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: But we invented it. We are tying to keep the manic depressives and get the credit for it.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: But he wanted us to take on all the evil people. And he identifies himself as a Christian, and the way we have been talking, that would seem to be a backward step. Believing in Christ therefore puts him in some kind of a special category. Which is what his point of view was. Early Christians went to their deaths with the lions because they sacrificed themselves like Christ did and that made them somehow super-special.

Charity: Correct. That’s not in tune with our teachings.

Ralph: They had the idea of the Weather CIE as the Spirits of Nature back in the earlier days, the whole pagan religion was that, which was called the Devil’s work by Christians. Therefore they could kill them.

Charity: There is no Devil.

Ralph: But I'm just saying that’s what they called them, and therefore they were ready to kill them.

Charity: First of all The Creator did not think that is a necessary part of it.

Ralph: I'm just saying that we had pre-Christians in Europe and England, you had a number of religions which believed in the Spirits of Nature, which is the CIE.

Charity: Which is correct.

Ralph: And they were participating in rituals for centuries before the Christians came into England

Charity: And did that away.

Ralph: As soon as they arrived, they labeled them bad, evil people who had to be eliminated.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: Now I get a little fearful of that being repeated.

Charity: On what avenue?

Ralph: Because we are bad, evil people to challenge this view which has been present now for 2,000 years.

Charity: You have your choice.

Ralph: I'm not arguing with you, I'm just saying that you have to realize that these people have not disappeared from the face of the earth.

Charity: We are most happy but not around any religion.

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