Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Description of the Spiritual Guardian

This paper covers the job description of the Spiritual Guardian of the Essences, first with a phone call by Faith, who is the Guardian of Marie, one of my ex-MPD patients. Next is the transcript of a conversation on the subject of the Guardian with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor. Then it continues with a transcript of Faith coming out to talk to me in person. She also refers to Ruth, who is my personal Spiritual Guardian. Michael is my personal Essence. Becky is the dissociated Essence of Marie.

Faith phoned me to explain all the duties and responsibilities she and the other Guardians have relating to the Essence of each of us, of which she has 150 to deal with.

First, she explained that the Essence is our Life Energy, the Chi, the Kundalini, and that it can be drained by the turned Essence of someone else, as my exwife did to me one night when she went into my bedroom and laid on top of the bed and demanded that I give her an explanation of why I wasn't sleeping in her bed each night. She drained energy from Michael, who was protecting me the best he could, but, when he got dangerously low in energy level, then Ruth, his Guardian, had to take over to get me out of the house. That is why she made sure I got on my clothes and drove away from the house, so that Michael would not be further drained.

Michael leaves each night during sleep to get recharged of energy and to continue with the lessons for his charge, me, to learn for the next day and beyond. He only needs to leave a small percentage of himself with me to allow me to sleep at night. But during the day, when I am confronted with others, some of whom will want to sap my energy, then he is there in full force, trying to cope with that demand. But it can only go on so long before I am in danger, and then Ruth must remove me from the scene. If I do not make the physical effort to do so, she would have to take over and move me in some other way.

Other duties of the Guardian:
1. Creating situations where I will then make important decisions. At times when I have not been paying attention to Michael's urging to do what needs to be accomplished to fulfill my Life Plan, the Guardian has had to step in and create a situation or encounter(s) which will stimulate me to take appropriate action. An important one was when I was looking for a career direction, and thought of being an architect in the Philippines. I was good at constructing things, like model airplanes, and I thought of doing that with buildings. Ruth wanted me to reconstruct people with MPD, but I didn't think of medicine or psychiatry. So, when I was indecisive and working at Cookie's Restaurant in Ontario, CA, she made the waitress coming to work hold my hand and say, "You've got the hands of a doctor." That was her way of nudging me into the direction of looking at medical school, which would lead to psychiatry as a specialty.

2. Picking my mate. She is the one who finds the husband or wife for the person. Ruth picked my exwife as the perfect one with whom I could live part of my Life Plan, have children, allow her to live longer than other husbands would have, and from whom I would learn first-hand about DID in one's mate. She makes sure that we fall in love without even knowing much about the other one at first, that we get disillusioned with other lovers, and that we feel they are the only ones we cannot live without.

3. Picking family of birth. The Guardian picks the birth family, (mother, father and social group) into which we will be born. It is the one where our Life Plan can be completed properly if we go along with the program. When we are prematurely killed, she then has to find a similar family in a similar culture so that we can start over again and finish up our work in a similar setting.

4. Picking boyfriends and girlfriends. Since we need compatible companions, the Guardian picks our best friends and other close associates, those whom we will he friends with all our lives, from childhood on. (Those whom we stay friends with all our lives are members of the 150 supervised by one Guardian.) These are the ones with whom we have been associated in past lifetimes, too, and can continue with them, as we know their ways and they know ours. These are the people that you are comfortable with as they are not manipulating or playing games with you. They also include early romantic partners, those from whom we learn how to become romantic, so that we are practiced when we meet the one with whom we are to mate.
5. Picking schoolmates. This is a continuation of more social contacts as in #4.

6. Picking jobs. Each Guardian knows what job each person should hold at each stage of the lifetime and knows the proper job for each one of us. She will steer us to the right job, if we will be flexible enough to not set unrealistic limits. We may have to move, take lower pay, work alone, or work in a group. But the right job is there for us to go to, if we will follow her direction.

7. Picking sequential mates. The Guardian knows if we are supposed to have only one mate per lifetime or several. If we are to have several, she will make sure we become single at the right time, and that the next prospective mate is available and willing at that juncture. She will then push us to get acquainted, so that we will get married. Some people are not to get married, and some are to stay with the first mate and have no more marriages in this lifetime.

Each Guardian, with her 150 Essences, has the full range of immature to mature Essences. A few of the immature Essence will turn and decide that they do not want to cooperate with the CIE, want to do things their way, and so they get rebellious. When they are between lifetimes, they then will have to be rehabilitated by the CIE, the level depending on how seriously they have deviated from the plans of The Creator. There are always going to be four or five turning Essences in the 150 of each Guardian. The Guardian of the other party's Essence then has to protect her Essence's charge from the harm of a turned Essence who is trying to sap, or otherwise harm her charge.

Psychic attack is very real, as I have described in the past, and is the turned Essence draining energy from the "normal" Essence. The Guardian must step in to protect her Essence when the Essence has lost all the energy that can be spared, so that the charge is able to defend himself against physical harm.

[Now we have a transcription of a conversation between myself and Charity.]

Ralph: I think it's a nice idea to respect your father and your mother. We've talked about that recently. [in discussion of the Ten Commandments]

Charity: Right, but that's just as a child who is growing up, and when you are as a child when you grow up, everything that you are learning culture-wise and value-wise is by the avenue of your parents, as the Guardian has picked out. Correct?

Ralph: Yes.

Charity: Therefore it has molded you into the human being that you need to be to start listening to your Essence. So this is another rule again that the humans have laid down onto the human race stating that you need to listen to your father and your mother. The Creator does not care if you listen to your father and your mother. He does not have a father and a mother. He is The Creator! The Creator, again, is not human. The Creator is energy.

[Here Charity and I discuss how she would like people to get into governmental positions.]

Charity: Why would you want to pass something that can't correct a social behavior when your family has instilled what social behavior you need for that culture which you are born into? That the Guardian has selected for you. Why?

Ralph: I don't know. Why do we elect these people to office?

Charity: Do you vote for them, is that not the term?

Ralph: The ones I vote for don't always get there. I wonder about the people that want to go into that.

Charity: What we would like to see in your realm of your running your government is not an elected official. It would be basically a position that the Guardian has led that Essence to put their charge into. It's not something for other humans to vote on for that other human being to be into. It is not up to you humans to decide what another human is going to be into if the Guardian has chosen for that one to be in there. If you have chosen to disapprove that one that the Guardian has been told to put into that office, you have therefore deviated from their Life Plan, and you have deviated from your Life Plan and the other ones that have voted it down. Then why would you humans want to judge another human? What we are stating is that why should you humans be judging something that has already been ordained by the Guardians they have?

Ralph: No.1, nobody out there voting knows that the Guardians have decided any of this.

Charity: That is why it is important when the Project comes out that they will understand that avenue.

Ralph: But that is not likely to be an acceptable idea, because they could consider it a con job on the part of the person who said, "My Guardian said I should be president, so here I am!" That's not going to go very far.

Charity: There was a precaution to be put onto that avenue for that to never happen. We are not telling you that it is going to happen in your great grandchildren's lifetime.

Ralph: I can see that. I'm saying that we would have to change completely the structure of the governmental process. I'm just saying it would seem to me on the surface of it that for somebody to make that assumption, that they are qualified for a leadership role in their society, that they are then going back to the dictatorship role.

Charity: You have to remember that if you humans state, as an example, if you humans choose to say, "My Guardian has chosen me to run the country," you would know by that pronouncement that no, that is a falsehood. No human is going to make that pronouncement. No guardian is going to make that pronouncement. It will happen. And for us to go on with this avenue will just bring you more questions. We would rather that we drop this subject and pick it up at another time to go on with it.

Ralph: There was an example on TV last night on the training of a man who led the Tartars through Asia, called Attila the Hun. It was a description of his childhood and upbringing that led him to lead the Huns all across Europe as their leader since he was 35 and his father and uncles had all died. Now he was trained from boyhood with all the skills needed to lead his people. There was no lack of training that he was given. He was skilled in everything that he had to do. Now he naturally was seen by everybody who knew him as the most talented horseman, hunter, etc, that there was, and they had no problems in seeing him leading him, because he was trained from age four. Now if that's going to happen, fine, the person is proving himself to his friends and neighbors, but otherwise I don't see how you could expect anybody to follow him

[Here I switch to talking with Charity about the different energy levels of the three CIE.]

Ralph: OK, now what about Faith, you are of a different origin. OK, now is there any difference how your energy level operates from that of Faith since she has never been in a human body? Is there something, like I'm bread and she's cheese. We are both food.

Charity: You will have to talk to her; she is a more expert on herself than we are.

Ralph: I'm thinking of you sensing a difference.

Charity: We know the difference

Ralph: You know the difference, now explain the difference.

Charity: Of course there is a difference. You will talk to Faith.

Ralph: I'm just checking all these details out. Faith, you showed up.

[Now Faith replaces Charity in using Marie’s body to speak to me.]

Faith: Mind if I walk?

Ralph: I'll walk with you.. . . I've never been credited with a sense of humor.

Faith: You have a very wonderful –

Ralph: I've been told by a certain exwife of mine that I have no sense of humor.

Faith: That's your mate.

Ralph: And she has a wonderful sense of humor and she always has such a wonderful one and I don't appreciate it. I've been told that many times.

Faith: Well, we would like to see your sense of humor and then maybe we can tell her if she is right or wrong.

Ralph: I don't think she wants to talk to you.

Faith: We understand.

Ralph: She wasn't too friendly the last time you were in the house.

Faith: We know.

Ralph: Alright, enough of that. We were talking about –

Faith: By the way this is Faith.

Ralph: This is Faith, right, she is here to explain how she is different in energy operations – it's something we try to use physical words for a non-physical experience, and that's very difficult.

Faith: First of all we have to remember the CIE are energy, pure and simple. The Essences are not. The Essences have had physical bodies. They have lived and reacted with other human beings, which we have not. So our energy level is mostly constant. In fact, it is constant. But the process of making it constant is that the humans we have been in contact with or that we talk to who are involved with our Essences that we are in charge of, if we come into contact with too many of the turned Essences, and so forth, then we have to shift our, some of our energy focus unto them. Just like, as Becky was explaining it to you, regarding the energy level situation, I can feed as much energy as she could possibly want to keep her at a certain level.

Ralph: Now let me just try to understand the terms again. I'm having to be careful with the English language, because it is based on physical concepts and we are using physically defined words -

Faith: Wait a minute, I think we know what you are going to say. OK, if you wanted to define what Becky's energy would be like, it would be like as this leaf. OK, that would be Becky's energy level. Our energy level would be those four trees in a line, with all those leaves.

Ralph: Let me back up, it's not exactly what I meant. I'm well aware that just the term energy is not adequate for this because there are at least two kinds of energy, I'm taking this from physics, and light, and what I read recently on the physics of light, OK, and this is why I want to make sure we are using the right terms by a certain definition.

Faith: OK, alright.

Ralph: In physics, OK, energy is never destroyable.

Faith: Correct

Ralph: It is only convertible into another form. Now, if you are to pick this [a stick] up, I used energy to pick this up off the ground, because gravity is a type of energy that is pulling it toward the ground. If I drop it, energy is going to apply to it and be called gravity. There is an attraction between all objects. There is an attraction between the object called Earth and this twig.

Faith: Right.

Ralph: And the reason why this body stands on this Earth instead of floating around is because gravity is the attracting force, energy between this small body and this big body called the Earth. Alright, now that kind of energy is considered to be constant, as far as the total supply is concerned, but my muscular energy could be transformed into gravity energy by dropping the twig. Now, in that book on light, it is quite clear that the energy that you are talking about in mental operations and in Thoughtspace is not the same as the energy that I have to use to pick up the twig or to walk my body around the streets. That is why I say that is convertible, and Einstein made the formula of conversion between mass and energy. Now that we are talking about energy in the Thoughtspace realm, I will have to make an assumption as a question, can it be transformed into anything else?

Faith: What are you stating by conversion into something else?

Ralph: This twig itself can be burned with a match, and that will transform the energy holding the molecules together, they will be freed, and by the heat applied to it, we transform that into heat energy and light energy.

Faith: Right.

Ralph: Now, we understand that in physics that that is the way the physical world is put together. Now I hesitate to use that concept of energy in talking about you in Thoughtspace. That's my problem. As I suspect it does not operate the same way.

Faith: No. It does not.

Ralph: And I might need to have some –

Faith: The terms you would understand would be the energy you were talking about, but that's not our energy.

Ralph: So it's an energy of a different quality

Faith: Totally

Ralph: OK, that's where I get confused about declining energy or increasing energy because the energy of the physical world is only transferable. It's not declinable. The total volume is static, and they have done studies all over the universe showing that which we have has been here all the time and has been converted to different shapes and sizes.

Faith: Thoughtspace is not that avenue.

Ralph: That's what I'm saying, trying to put it into words to describe it creates a problem to me.

Faith: Your energy is converted energy and nonconverted energy – place those two together and that is our energy. Plus more. But there is not a term or a phrase that there is in your language that can explain that situation to you.

Ralph: I'm aware of that, that's why I'm mentioning this as I don't want people to misunderstand when we use the word energy. The energy that we are converting is not in your area.

Faith: No. Energy in Thoughtspace is totally different than the energy level in the physical realm. That's why we are trying to give a for instance of the way the energy is. Becky would be a leaf. I myself would be four trees with all their leaves together. Hope would be twice as many. And Charity would take them all.

Ralph: The whole forest.

Faith: Right. And lots more.

Ralph: I'm just saying that –

Faith: By myself feeding that one leaf with my four trees with all of their leaves, would be depleting my reserves that I have. Especially when I am feeding it to one Essence.

Ralph: When you have 150 to look after, and all of them have troubles.

Faith: That's right. By those four trees, I'm going to wear very thin on leaves. So by wearing very thin on my leaves, I must call on Hope for help, "We need to do something about replenishing my trees here. I'm running very, very low. How about replenishing?" Hope will say, "No problem, let's get everything under control, and you guys come up here for a while. We will send somebody else down there that's got a little bit more trees than you do that doesn't need as many leaves right now, and they can take over for you." We say, "That's fine," and we go away. When we come back, my four trees are back, my leaves are back on the branches and I'm ready to start again.

Ralph: It's like in a bank, you build up your account with a transfusion of money from the central bank in Philadelphia or somewhere.

Faith: Right

Ralph: We are doing that all the time.

Faith: What I am stating on human terms it's about the best I can describe it.

Ralph: The question I have then in that energy, is there a fixed amount that is in the universe, like we say a fixed amount of physical energy is on this globe?

Faith: A fixed amount of energy – No. It is not a fixed amount. Ours is a never ending supply.

Ralph: So that gets into the infinite capacity of the whole space.

Faith: If you can describe the infinite capacity

Ralph: So you are never going to run out, no matter what we do down here.

Faith: No.

Ralph: That's nice to know.

Faith: But the only avenue of what, for ourselves, for why we had been stripped of our leaves so fast was because of the avenue of the way Becky needed our help. That's why, if we remember correctly, there were two or three times when we said we had to disappear for a while. But once we disappeared and came back, everything was just fine. It's just a matter of the extreme emergencies that we had to deal with.

Ralph: The emergencies were caused by the human emotions

Faith: Correct

Ralph: And the use of free will by the false front and all the personalities.

Faith: And by the other therapists and the other individuals that were involved and were becoming involved with whole process of getting Becky's charge back to the way it was. And the reason why it was so important was that Becky's charge is to do what she is doing now, to bring you back into the path you need to be on. That's why it was so important that our energy level was going down because it was important that it happened at a certain point in time and that it would come back to now.

Ralph: You had a very good reason to put out all the work, because of the goal to hold her together. Because you have to have her vocal cords. If you don't have her vocal cords, I'm not recording anything.

Faith: That's correct, you aren't.

Ralph: Then I wouldn't have anything to type.

Faith: That's correct. Then you would feel very comfortable and wouldn't have to worry about any fights, correct?

Ralph: I don't think it would change a bit in that subject, but it would be nice to think it would, but it wouldn't so I might as well go ahead and write.

Faith: Right

Ralph: I'd get the fights anyhow.

Faith: No matter what

Ralph: I should get some rewards after all this time.

Faith: That's correct.

Ralph: Alright, we are talking, you can't measure the energies in Thoughtspace, we are talking about the light of the universe, the light of wisdom, that kind of light, people see a light at the end of the tunnel, in OOBE there is a light. Those kind of lights are not shining from the sun with physical photons. And therefore you couldn't use the rules of physics that measure photons

Faith: Because there are no rules.

Ralph: Because it isn't the same.

Faith: It's not measurable

Ralph: There are no tools to measure it

Faith: No. Just as Charity told you, there are no tools to measure it. Just as there are no rules in our realm.

Ralph: That's a problem. In physical space, the only way you know something is there is to have a tool to measure it.

Faith: Correct

Ralph: Like I have an eye to see this, I have a hand to touch this, and these are my physical tools, and I can take a measuring device and all that.

Faith: You can't measure a thought.

Ralph: I can't measure any of you people. Therefore, people say, "You obviously don't exist if we can't measure you."

Faith: You could take your calibers in the air and describe one of ourselves.

Ralph: But that would only be hoping I would get a bit of air between them and you are not in the air.

Faith: No.

Ralph: Then that gets into a belief system. And that gets into another area – I heard about belief systems creating that which you believe.

Faith: OK

Ralph: And that seems to be true. Which presents a great problem to people wondering what reality is. Because that culture has their belief system over there and what they believe in exists, but only for them.

Faith: Right

Ralph: But this culture over here has another belief system and what they believe exists for them, and neither one recognizes the other one as existing.

Faith: That is correct.

Ralph: That gets to be a problem.

Faith: Does that explain it to you adequately?

Ralph: Well, it's a hint, let's put it this way. You give me – if we had the drawings for this building when they were going to build it. We now have a sketch as to what the building might look like, when this was flat ground, and people were sitting around trying to decide what kind of a building to put here. You have given me the outline and sketch, it’s got these corners and some windows, but we don't have what we call the schematics with the details. We don't have the bathrooms laid out inside.

Faith: We don't have any of those –

Ralph: I know, the details, we need to start with a sketch, that’s all I can handle today. Then they go back and say, "Now we can fill in the details here." We will get to it later. I'm not pushing. Right now we have what they call the artist's conception of the building. If you ever meet an architect, they draw this beautiful picture of what they would like to see.

Faith: Right

Ralph: Then they sit down with, "How many pieces of wood do we have to have, and how many window panes do we have to have," all that gets filled in later when they are sure the function will fit into the space they have laid out, you know. They have to look at the function they are going to do with this building. And that is where you have functions to do.

Faith: Of course.

Ralph: And those functions have to fit within the energy you have

Faith: You had asked Becky why we were so happy?

Ralph: You are uniquely happy among the others. That seems to be a personal characteristic. I don't see how that is hooked up with Intelligent Energy. That seems more human.

Faith: Because you humans are more inclined to talk to a entity, especially on our first level, to someone that is friendly, someone that is jovial, and someone that is very – has nothing to hide. Therefore you can bare your souls.

Ralph: May I ask how come you haven't had Ruth talk through there, so I can settle all these things with my relatives?

Faith: Now if Ruth talked to you, you would swear, that's a term that you humans use, that you are "nuts." Correct?

Ralph: I've been accused of that by many people.

Faith: But to have you be able to talk to Ruth is not going to happen.

Ralph: Well, now, you are avoiding the possibility.

Faith: We are not avoiding the possibility.

Ralph: If you think I would go nuts, that's not much faith in me.

Faith: You have to remember you have been talking to ourselves quite a long time. You feel more comfortable with ourselves.

Ralph: Ok, let's put it this way, I get the message that you can get all the information from Ruth you want that I could possibly use, so you don't need to bother her at all.

Faith: But you are curious.

Ralph: Let me put it this way, if it were somehow necessary, I bet you could do it. If you could do it, then any of the other Guardians could do it. And you are not a unique Guardian to do this. You are build like all the other Guardians I have to assume.

Faith: Of course.

Ralph: Therefore they have come out in various bodies in various times when they had a reason to talk to somebody on a clear warning.

Faith: Ruth has talked to yourself several times.

Ralph: Ruth has talked to me several times? Well could you give me a sample that I didn't recognize. Because one time I recognized I was taking "to myself." That was in Toronto when I was going down the street to the drugstore to get something and I heard myself saying that my exwife was going to jump out the window. Now all I know my voice was saying, "Ralph, you've got to get back," and I was literally talking to myself.

Faith: But that was Ruth that was talking to you.

Ralph: How can you tell when you have your own same voice?

Faith: How would you like for her to talk differently?

Ralph: It would make it very clear that it wasn't me.

Faith: It sounds that you are getting curious about her.

Ralph: It's just that if I'm going to tell anyone there's a Ruth, how can I guarantee it isn't me talking to myself. We all have that phase. We talk to ourselves to reach a conclusion. That is a perfectly average human concept. And you are saying I'm talking to something called Ruth. That's hard for me to prove to anybody. Why should they believe me?

Faith: It sounds like you are challenging us.

Ralph: I am. If I am going to be challenged, I want to be prepared to handle these challenges.

Faith: Do you want to be able to talk to Ruth? Is that the question? Is that the request of the day?

Ralph: I didn't make this a request of the day. I'm talking about the possibility – I'll make the assumption the possibility exists.

Faith: Of course, She does exist, and, yes, you can talk to her. All you have to do is have clearance.

Ralph: And have some kind of a good reason, which I don't at the moment.

Faith: Which you don't.

Ralph: Ok, so I don't have a good reason. But –

Faith: Curiosity is not a good reason.

Ralph: I understand that, but you are not going to eliminate it. It comes with the package.

Faith: We knew

[Here Faith disappears, to be replaced by Charity.]

Charity: Let us state something first of all about the Guardian If the mother of an unborn child becomes physically sick or something is to happen so that woman’s child is not to be horn, it will happen per the Guardian’s edicts.

Ralph: OK, then another word would have been, “The Guardian Angel did it."

Charity: They are half right on that avenue. They are half right. What they term as Guardian Angels is what the humans have chosen to perceive the CIE, ourselves, as. We are not that, we are an energy field, pure and simple. But an energy field in your context is not what we are. They are close to what it is. The Guardian will come into play if it needs to be. The Essence is in charge of each individual and the Guardian interplays with them.

Ralph: If we left it up to you folks, and since Faith is involved in finding jobs for people, how would you go about creating positions that people could fill for work purposes? That seems to be that humans have to collaborate together on inventing things so they build a factory.

Charity: You will need to talk to Faith on that.

Ralph: It is still in an area where we don’t see you folks putting a factory there somewhere so we can work at it.

Charity: Humans will have to build it, or course, but it is Faith’s responsibility to bring about the workers that will be needed for that factory.

Ralph: But who decides what kind of factories there will be?

Charity: You humans decide that.

Ralph: In Russia, before the overthrow of the Communist government, they tried to match up every student who graduated and went onto the labor market with a job. Everybody was supposed to have a job. That was the government's policy.

Charity: That was a human telling another human how to operate and how to do it sufficiently.

Ralph: True. This is ultimately control, but if the CIE were to wish this group of people to have jobs, and somehow they have got to have job openings come about in equal numbers and types. And I don’t know how the CIE could do that.

Charity: Let us have you talk to Faith.

[Now Charity retreats to be replaced by Faith.]

Ralph: All right. Hi, Faith.

Faith: I promise I will not walk around, will that be OK? You are looking at the positions that we give to the charges, correct?

Ralph: I’m looking at the whole system, because you have to have an equal number of openings to match the bodies being born that will graduate from school and are ready to go to work.

Faith: Of course.

Ralph: And what I am wondering what can you folks possibly do to bring about #1, the number of openings that are going to be needed, and again of the proper variety? You can’t have all factories; you can’t have all think tanks.

Faith: It comes about the way that it comes about – if we described how we make them come about, the words are not there to describe it in the English language

Ralph: Humans have an influence in companies being formed, factories being available and we have tremendous dislocations with companies – one company is firing 2,000 workers. All those people have got to have a job somewhere.

Faith: Of course.

Ralph: How can you come up with 2,000 jobs all of a sudden for those people who got fired?

Faith: They are there.

Ralph: I don’t know anybody who has got them to find them, and those people get awfully hungry waiting for one to show up.

Faith: The jobs might not be in that central location where they were at. The jobs might be elsewhere. But they need to listen first. They have to have the contact with the Essence first, to be able to know where they are at. We will lead and guide them. But until they will listen and have the communication going, they are not going to. They are going to be relying on their own human characteristics to carry them through.

Ralph: A simple case I had was my daughter Jill. She got a teaching certificate and everyone agreed she was a good teacher.

Faith: And she would not go –

Ralph: Anywhere that the jobs existed.

Faith: That’s right. And you notice how long it took her to get a position.

Ralph: And I'm the one she blames for not supporting her all that time while she waits till her boyfriend’s area has a job.

Faith: Correct. But we had the openings for her. She had to go there. But she was using her free will to exercise not going there.

Ralph: Oh, I heard that, yes. I'm very well aware. In a case of that, had she been flexible, as most young people are, you go where the job is, she could have locked in on one.

Faith: One was available for her immediately, but –

Ralph: But she wouldn’t move.

Faith: Yes. Each human has a position that has been designed for them.

Ralph: So you are matching up the creation of jobs, people going into company creation, small business creation with those who want to fill jobs.

Faith: Correct.

Ralph: So you will have both working in the same – you have to have limits on borders they can cross, you have to have travel ability, they might be in China for all they know.

Faith: Correct.

Ralph: Like this one man who gave the talk today, he has to travel all over the world, that’s where he does his work. Bulgaria or Czech. or Taiwan. He never seems to be without a job.

Faith: You, we don’t have limits. We are not limited. We don’t have that. You humans have that. You do not see the picture as we see it.

Ralph: Now let’s look at the picture in California. We have a major problem with Mexicans coming across the border for jobs. They are working hard, they are trying very hard to support their families, and they do that. The Mexican culture has very few jobs available, and they are breeding people all over the place, so they have more and more people and nobody is making jobs down there. So they are all coming to California, Arizona, Texas, to get work. And they are taking on those jobs that many Americans will not do, like stoop labor in the fields, and stuff that we consider beneath us, but they will hustle. Why haven’t you set up a few jobs in Mexico for them so they can stay home where they have their families? I would think that would be better than having them come and end up in California.

Faith: Where are the humans that they are taking the jobs away from? Why don’t those humans start doing the jobs?

Ralph: I don’t know why they won’t do it. But they won’t. They are not going to do it as long as the Mexicans keep coming in.

Faith: But as we understand correctly the avenue of the Mexican government is that they are doing something about that now?

Ralph: I was just listening on the radio that there is – the problem is that they talk about it, at the highest levels, but they don’t do anything about it.

Faith: Correct.

Ralph: Now what you do have is a new trade agreement and that’s coming along.

Faith: Which will create more positions down where you stated.

Ralph: Actually, one of the major problems in Mexico is that the country is run by a very few families who control everything else. It’s not like the US where anyone can set up a business and make a pile of money. Down there you have 5% but everyone else is in the working poor.

Faith: Again, as Charity has stated, it is a control issue. Give up the control and let us do our job.

Ralph: And you could encourage these people to make more jobs available right where they lived if they weren’t being controlled by somebody else.

Faith: Correct.

Ralph: OK, I have no argument on that one.

Faith: We thought you would understand.

Ralph: This is the trouble when Jill went down there, that is what she learned, that the Castillian Spanish group controlling the other 95% that were the Aztec, Mexican native group that are on the bottom. They are the ones who are coming up to the US to find the work.

Faith: Yes. Does that answer your question on the job situation?

Ralph: You have got to eliminate international barriers for the jobs to be available to the bodies, because you are not only looking at the US, or Canada or Mexico or Guatemala.

Faith: We are looking after the whole thing.

Ralph: There is a whole area that you have the responsibility for.

Faith: Correct.

Ralph: Which is going be many countries, so if we let people travel, they will find whatever they

Faith: They will be led. If they follow number one, there will be something in there.

Ralph: Now we are in a different era of jobs. The production era is coming to a close. The industrial era is being replaced by the Information Era. Bill Gates and the Internet being an example. They are not selling a "thing". They are selling a capacity to interchange and share information. Which means you can live anywhere in the world nowadays. And now we are getting the governments interfering in that because they want to set limits

Faith: They want to control.

[Charity comes back and replaces Faith.]

Charity: But the process is for you humans to continue to fight. Continue to use Free Will because that is what makes yourself happy. Continue to do it. We will continue to have our way. So why fight?

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