Monday, June 23, 2008

Charity's Views on Resurrection

During 1995, I had many conversations with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor. Below is one regarding what might happen at the time of the resurrection of all Christians.

Charity: We are most happy but not around any religion.

Ralph: This is a little point that we could debate with the Christians on the resurrection of all believers at some point in the future when Christ will arise from the dead and all of them will arise. Who wants to resurrect these bodies that are causing all these troubles? Why should that be a great glorious advantage?

Charity: As we have stated many times over, which body?

Ralph: Why have any of them? They are all defective in the first place.

Charity: That is correct. Why would anyone want them?

Ralph: Why would that be a great and glorious goal? I don’t get it.

Charity: We don’t understand that avenue either. Somehow when they designed writing the book, someone had to come up with that avenue. Why a physical joyous reunion with a physical body that brought them joy, but every human can testify that the body is not joyous in itself?

Ralph: It has to fall apart, or they wouldn’t have died. I don’t see how it ever got to be such a wonderful goal.

Charity: As we once stated, it was written in the book that should tell humans the basic avenue of that.

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