Sunday, June 22, 2008

Charity's Views on Population Control

In my conversations with Charity, a Spiritual Professor CIE and my mentor, in 1995, we discussed how our Earth’s population could be contained within reasonable boundaries if everyone followed their Life Plans. That would mean they did not live more lifetimes than they absolutely needed, so they would not waste the world’s resources during those extra lifetimes.

Charity: The population of the universe, of your globe, at this time has reached the maximum it needs to reach. We need to, as you would quote, you used a term that was very interesting, "recycle." We need to keep recycling. Humans have chosen to make your live plans longer than what is necessary. We would like to see you be able to cut down to a hundred lifetimes before your life is completed. When you have learned your Master Life Plan, you can go on. Right now it is stretching – an average life span of about 1000 to 1500 years in you life terms. Enough is enough.

Ralph: Just looking at it statistically, if one Essence lived one-third less lifetimes on earth, which would be appropriate if they learned faster, then they would be saving on one-third of the pollution, and filling up of space of the world without any loss of life quality, or loss of resources. They don't need that other one-third if they would go through, instead of 5,000, they got through in 3,000 lifetimes.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: And we could save another 2,000 people having to fill up buildings that we would have to build more and have to fell more trees.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: So that would be a great and harmless improvement in the problem of excessive birthrate, which we now need to populate for those Essences.

Charity: What is happening is that you have the increased births in humans, but it is now turning in as one part of your hemisphere could only have all girls, mostly, and another part of your atmosphere, your hemisphere, has all boys. It's going to make it very difficult for that hemisphere to keep reproducing to what we need. And also with the other hemisphere. It's becoming lopsided. Enough is enough. Let's bring back the knowledge that you humans need to grow and mature spiritually along with your intellectual aspects and qualities. But you have to realize that each one has to take care of each. You are not separate and alone on your own "plot of land." It's an inconsistent ideology. It needs to be stopped. Man has been the tool to have your globe be what it is. But with too many existent human bodies on to it, parts of the globe are becoming destroyed or invaded. That is why the design of it now is to let humans know that they are not alone. That there is a design, that there is a plan, and how they fit into that plan. And by understanding how they fit into that plan, is to understand how we operate.

Ralph: Just one question, having these more mature Emotional Selves growing and becoming Essences, are we still going to be fragmenting off new ones that will be very junior, immature, or are we going to work with the rest of the ones we have now?

Charity: You will have Essences being – you will have fragments breaking off, but it will not be the part where they have to start as newborn or baby Essences. That will not happen. You will have – the human population will be at a steady rate for the maturity-wise. They will be at that rate for as long as The Creator has deemed for it to happen.

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