Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Charity's Views on Swearing

During conversations in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, we discussed the various rules in the Ten Commandments. Here is the transcription of a discussion we had on swearing, taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Ralph: Alright, next it says, "Do not use my name for evil purposes. I, the Lord your God, will punish anyone who misuses my name." Now that's commonly said, "Do not state the name of God in vain." Don't use him for swear words.

Charity: We don't swear.

Ralph: It's saying to the people that people should not swear words, and the common one in conflict with this is when somebody says, "God damn you." That means, "I want God to condemn you to some horrible fate because you have made me unhappy." That's what "goddamn you" comes from. It’s a violation of this commandment.

Charity: First of all, The Creator does not, cannot and will not punish any human being. He made human beings to be exactly what they are. And He gave the Essences unto them.

Ralph: This is just using His name as an insult.

Charity: The Lord seems to ourselves – we don't understand why they use the name "The Lord." The Lord to ourselves does not mean anything, we don't even have a word that means anything close to that.

Ralph: Lord is master of any group.

Charity: Well, The Creator is not a master.

Ralph: Good point, that is what this implies, the master over a group, like the lord over servants.

Charity: Oh, no, the human beings are not servants. The human beings are still on this earth to live their lifetimes and to grow and to become Essences so they can take their places.

Ralph: The meaning I get of this is like in politics, you have a governor over a state, you have a president over the United States and he has armies and police he can call on, he enforces the laws and if he tells you you have broken the law, he can hire these people to put you in jail.

Charity: Again to ourselves, this is another rule that the humans have brought down and put down and "swear words" you say, if you use a swear word with The Creator's name in it, whatever The Creator's name might be.

Ralph: Yahweh was the most common one then.

Charity: Then therefore, if you do that, it goes against what they want the humans to do, so therefore they put that rule in there.

Ralph: When I asked Dave Gotlib some things about Jewish traditions, as he was horn into a Jewish family, one of the things he said was that, in his school, they were forbidden to use any word for God, such as Yahweh, being the most common one they used in the ancient Jewish times. That I think is how far they have gone. They can't even use the name, because it might be used for an evil purpose.

Charity: There were, first of all, there is no evil in our definition, in our space, and in our realm, there is no definition, there is no word, so how can The Creator say that if you use The Creator's name wrong, whichever the case would be, then it will be evil when there is no word in our language that states that aspect.

Ralph: The only thing that I know for sure that would be talking in opposition to this rule is when you say, "I want God to condemn you because you have done something to hurt me." This is known as "goddamn you." A swear insult.

Charity: That again is a revenge mode, is it not? The Creator is not going to dictate a revenge. The Creator only loves.

Ralph: This sort of implies that a person could get God to do some damage to this person, which is what we talk about in curses, and black magic, and voodoo.

Charity: The Creator is not going to do anything on that avenue. So there is no reason for a human to want The Creator to hurt another human being, that's not going to happen.

Ralph: But, in social structures, it's not nice to say those kind of nasty things to your neighbor. Correct? As a social rule, it's not nice to be insulting. You don't like a putdown.

Charity: For our sake, why use words that will try and harm a human being, another entity? There is no need for it to come up in intellectual conversation without using anything that might be hurtful to the other ones that are listening.

Ralph: That is about what this supports. You aren't supposed to hurt other people's feelings.

Charity: Correct.

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