Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charity's Views on Families of Essences

Charity has taught me that each Essence is in charge of one human being, and each Spiritual Guardian is the protector of 150 Essences and their “charges.” However, in my case, I have repeatedly been working with people whose Spiritual Guardian is not Hope, who is the one in charge of Marie, my ex-patient with MPD. Hope is one of the CIE whom I was able to interview when she borrowed Marie's body. Faith and Charity told me my personal Spiritual Guardian is named Ruth, and she is also the Guardian for a number of my friends who became involved in learning the lessons Charity and the other two CIE, Faith & Hope, were trying to teach me. They explained that Faith's 150 Essences & their charges were mixed with 150 Essences & charges supervised by Ruth, so all 300 are in one work group for the purpose of helping Charity with this project. Charity is the Project Manager for The Creator in bringing to an end The Great Deception. In this discussion with Charity, in 1995, we talk about how these two groups of 150 each have been working together in many prior incarnations.

Charity: What would you like to know?

Ralph: We have these two families of 150 each who seem to be interlinked at this point, at least here with these people.

Charity: Would you like to know how it first started?

Ralph: I would like to know anything. I don’t know the history of any of this.

Charity: All right. The ground of it started when each one of the Inner Circle had already been into things since the time when each one had started their Life Plan. Each one has either been a part of each other’s development, such as a family member, a coworker, such as a boss and a employee, in all stages, in all developments. Each one has been assigned to all. All of yourselves has been in every stage of each other’s Life Plans.

Ralph: You are talking about the two groups of 150 apiece? They have been interlocked?

Charity: Intermixed, yes. The reason that they have been intermixed so much is because of one avenue and one avenue only. That is to be able to get the publication of the book out, and that is to also change the cultural perspectives from the way it is now.

Ralph: That is a big chore.

Charity: It is not.

Ralph: It requires a lot of people being involved in different places.

Charity: As you can see, each of the 150, or as you would quote, the two families, are there. What you also have to realize is that the two families, the families of each one of the individuals that have been interlinked with ours, their CIE and their Essences, are also in tune with it, such as Cathy’s son. It is a perfect example. He has a total other way of going; he has another CIE that is involved in it, but, because of his interest in it and Cathy’s explanations of it, he is then able to branch out even further.

Ralph: My kids haven’t shown any interest in it.

Charity: They are not a part of this. Your son will not join for quite a long time. That is the reason that each of the new individuals who are here now at this point that are involved where they are now have been brought to this point. They have been tutored, they have been guided, they have been prodded, they have been pushed, they have been maneuvered, to bring them where they are now.

Ralph: OK, of those we have here, in this town, we also have Chuck who is on the fringe; he somehow will be involved, I take it, so he won’t have to worry about dying quickly of his heart disease. I would like to reassure him of that when I write or talk to him. We also have Skip, whom you mentioned is still peripheral.

Charity: He will find something that will happen that will make him realize that there is something more. Not only that, but you also have Heidy’s girlfriends.

Ralph: I just talked to them briefly.

Charity: She has been talking to them. You have Debbie and Augie.

Ralph: We haven’t gotten very far with them.

Charity: But you have them with Cathy talking to them. You have other avenues with other humans. Woosie is one.

Ralph: Now his family isn’t likely to be linked with this family, being in Asia.

Charity: No. But you have to remember we have no boundaries.

Ralph: I understand that but you do specialize in North America.

Charity: That is correct.

Ralph: I'm just wondering if he is linked somewhere with the relatives in Asia?

Charity: He is linked with the CIE that are involved into that and we with them. He is part of the overseas operation.

Ralph: The Asiatic Theater.

Charity: But he is part of it also. You have the humans who are in Sweden who are most interested in this avenue, and you have the one human in England.

Ralph: The Nigerian-born doctor?

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: Ike.

Charity: You have those humans there. You have the situations in place.

Ralph: OK. What about the family in Northern California in St. Helena? She mentioned that they are tied in more than I had expected.

Charity: Sarah is very much tied in. Sarah has her own CIE, but we have basically replaced hers.

Ralph: Like with me?

Charity: Yes. Her avenue right now is that she needs to cease and desist in matters of past recalling.

Ralph: I didn’t know what she is doing.

Charity: This is not necessary. She needs to move on. She has been stuck in this process that is giving her no knowledge and no learning. But we have given to her her husband and her child. They are part of yours.

Ralph: Both of them?

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: I thought they were nice folks when I met them. I didn’t have much of a chance to talk to them, but they seemed like quite nice folks. Now he is a nurse at the hospital?

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: There is still quite a distance to be able to be able to deal with them. Are they going to move? Charity: Of course.

Ralph: San Luis Obispo is going to be a very busy town.

Charity: Yes. Now to explain how it happened, if that is the next word, it started when you were able to contact Becky’s charge again. That reopened up the door.

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