Sunday, June 22, 2008

Charity's Views on Manipulation of Humans by the CIE

During 1995, I had many discussions with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor. During one of them we discussed how she is so good at manipulating me to do what she wants me to do. Here is a transcription of that conversation.

Ralph: You may use something exciting for the purpose of teaching humans.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: But you don’t need it just for the purpose of entertaining yourself.

Charity: No.

Ralph: That is a human characteristic, to entertain yourself.

Charity: We don’t need entertainment. We are most busy with our humans. You could state that humans might call it puppet masters? We pull strings.

Ralph: Puppeteers.

Charity: Pull strings.

Ralph: Puppeteers is the terms, those who manage puppets.

Charity: Manipulators.

Ralph: Yes.

Charity: We do not manipulate, we –

Ralph: Well, having been a subject of this manipulation, no, it is not done with a force that moves the human. It is done by taking advantage of the tools that are within the human, like sitting in and driving a car. You know where the key goes so you stick the key in there, and you know if you turn the key, then the motor will start. You know which pedals will work to get the car going backwards and forwards. So you use those pedals. You are not manipulating the car; you are using the tools that are built into it. So you know what pushes me, what issues I've got. You know where you can push and pull. So, in that way you are simply using your extensive knowledge of our inner mechanisms. You know if you push this, and this, he will get over there.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: He has to get over there when these things are operating.

Charity: And now you have learned to just go with the flow.

Ralph: Now all I need is the mental urge and I need a shortcut. I’m not wasting anymore time with this, you know. I know you are going to win this little struggle anyhow if I want to fight with you.

Charity: Once this had happened and you knew you could write, and you could, and you knew that you were not going to do it by yourself, then you knew that we were still here, then you felt most comfortable. Then the next item was for yourself to contact Michael instead of acting, but to practice and to know. Once you have done that, the next step for yourself was for you to recognize what your mate was like – what your boundaries were – what your existence was about. That was about the conversations with Hope about your union with your mate. That was a steady manipulation on our part. To have you understand what was going on, but to only give you enough that you could digest safely without a complete overload, as that was most important. With all that avenue, then our next realm was to get Becky’s charge moving. Once we got her in the spot she needed to be and moved, and everyone else, all the other humans that were ready, which was Michael, Cathy, Skip, and Dan. Gene were ready; we had already maneuvered them to where they needed to be. But yours was the most difficult manipulation we had to move. We had to get you away from the institution, which was very important. That was easy compared to the difficulty that you had regarding always finding the appropriate time when your mate was in a decent, calm frame of mind to be able to discuss any matter. But your mate was never there. And with yourself constantly in fear, we had to feed the information through her for you to hear, for you then to act.

Ralph: And you understand, in my family, breaking up a marriage is not a common easy thing to do, a major default.

Charity: And the reason that you did not receive the award last year was that we had to use it for this year.

Ralph: Well, I still wonder how that happened.

Charity: You will never know.

Ralph: Why should I never know? They all know.

Charity: We will never let you know. By using the award this time as a catalyst to make you move, was what we needed. If you did not have that, you would not have left, and everything would have begun to disintegrate. And we were not going to let that happen.

Ralph: My question is, now that it has been done, why can’t I know the history? It won’t reverse the history.

Charity: You will not know. It is not important.

Ralph: I agree it is not important, but it sure is interesting to know.

Charity: It is not important, therefore you will not know.

Ralph: I don’t want to blame people if they didn’t have anything to do with it, OK?

Charity: You aren’t living by the principles.

Ralph: I can’t blame anybody. I don’t know what happened.

Charity: That’s correct, you will not.

Ralph: If you maneuvered it, they didn’t know what was going on anyhow.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: They just blurted out something and "Did I say that?" I imagine that’s the kind of thing that happens.

Charity: Well, on the avenue of making you move, that was the catalyst that we needed. Once the catalyst happened, you were able to go. Once you went, you realized you had friends around yourself. You had Gene then who helped move you. He did not need to help you. Everything was in place to bring you up to this point.

Ralph: Any other tidbits that I don’t understand?

Charity: Any other questions?

Ralph: Any other people that were involved?

Charity: You will find them, you will see them.

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