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Hope's Views on the Death of a Person with MPD

During my discussions with the CIE in 1995, one time I discussed with Hope, a Spiritual Teacher CIE, what would happen in the case of the sudden death (the CIE use the term “cease to exist”) of a patient like Marie. She had gone through therapy with me so that the Original Personality could integrate with all of her alter-personalities. This I call psychological integration She was then operating in society with all her alters integrated, and her Original Personality (a.k.a. Emotional Self or Kanjou) in charge, and a still dissociated Essence/ISH named Becky (a.k.a. Risei or Intellectual Self). I wondered what would happen at the time of death to the dissociated nature of the relationship between Marie and Becky. Here is how Hope answered my question.

Ralph: I’ve got one little question. In Marie’s case, we have an Essence, Becky, still separated from Marie. Now, if there was to be a sudden death of her, unplanned of course, and they were not yet reintegrated according to plan, what happens?

Hope: When death is imminent, it would be that Becky and Marie would be joined automatically.

Ralph: That’s what I wondered, because they have to be united for the next lifetime, and I was just – they haven’t gone through any kind of a bonding yet.

Hope: But it would happen immediately. But there is no plan for that.

Ralph: I understand, but I was just thinking theoretically, if you have people who die dissociated .

Hope: It would happen in a matter of just as the body was drawing its last breath.

Ralph: They would be leaving together, so then they could start again as a bonded unit.

Hope: Just as she took her first breath as they entered the body, then the Essence came in at that point in time, and that’s the way the Essence and the personality would become one again.

Ralph: Now, in your school, are they one or do you have two different classes going on? That is sort of separating one and two, but are the Essence or, as the Japanese say, the Risei, and the Kanjou separate?

Hope: The Emotional Self does not exist. The Emotional Self’s body is gone.

Ralph: Whoa, let me get my theory straight then.

Hope: You were talking about the training that Becky has been doing.

Ralph: Let me say again, using English, I’m limited. But if you use the Japanese words, Kanjou is Marie, which we don’t have an English word for.

Hope: Right.

Ralph: And she is the Emotional Part of the package that was born. And Becky is the Risei, the Intellectual part of the package that was born. OK. In ordinary circumstances, they are all one, but now, when they finish this life, under ordinary circumstances, without dissociation, who do you have available to teach?

Hope: We have Becky, and we have the fragment that is Marie.

Ralph: OK, so they start as two different fragments, at two different points in the past.

Hope: Right, but we have a fragment. It is a fragment, it is not an Essence. A fragment would be put on the corner shelf, and Becky is over here getting her instructions. And then when a new body is found, they go back in together.

Ralph: So do you have to conduct any teaching for the fragment that is now Marie?

Hope: No. That is not a priority. The only way it would be a priority would be if it were close to the end time of the incarnations and the Master Life Plan is being reached and that fragment has then been designed to be part of the Great Teacher. Then yes.

Ralph: Like I am planned to be.

Hope: Of course.

Ralph: Then you would have a different approach. I’m just saying that in everyday reincarnation, it has only its life experiences and waits for its next life to go forward from where it left off.

Hope: That’s all, and when it’s gone through all of its Master Life Plan, it comes to where Becky is and her fragment is over here, and therefore it joins.

Ralph: But the interior life teaching that you do is with the Beckies of each person?

Hope: Yes. That’s the only one that we teach.

Ralph: Now, somebody said that during that time they get to review their previous lives and figure out where they are going to go next.

Hope: The Guardian deals with that aspect, we don’t deal with that.

Ralph: Is this something that the fragment that is Marie would do between lifetimes, or does she become aware of that at all? Is that only what Becky would become aware of?

Hope: The fragment is housed, put away.

Ralph: Does Becky review the past, the series, so she has the whole picture at this point?

Hope: Right.

Ralph: What’s needed next?

Hope: That’s part of the training aspect that we give to the higher functioning Essences when they are going to the in-between times. The first number of times it is just a baby going through a learning process, so it could be 500 lifetimes before we would have the Essence up there reviewing all the past lives to see how the picture fits together, to see what had not been processed, what has been left out and so forth, to make sure the Master Life Plan is finished and completed.

Ralph: To pick up the pieces and make sure the next culture will include these things'?

Hope: Right. This is done on the higher functioning Essences. On Turned Essences, we have to reindoctrinate the avenue of the existence of why they are there. And at that time for their charges, it means even more lifetimes for that Essence to get it correct. And if they choose and refuse to get it correct, then they are given to Charity. [Charity runs another Rehabilitation Center for Turned Essences who will never be reincarnated, such as those guilty of crimes against humanity.]

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