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Faith's Views on Light & Energy

During my discussions with the CIE in 1995, I had one with Faith, a Spiritual Guardian CIE, about the various types of energy they are and work with. This is a transcription of our conversation about light and energy.

Ralph: Faith is here to explain how she is different in energy operations – it's something we try to use physical words for a non-physical experience, and that's very difficult.

Faith: First of all, we have to remember the CIE are energy, pure and simple. The Essences are not. The Essences have had physical bodies. They have lived and reacted with other human beings, which we have not. So our energy level is mostly constant. In fact, it is constant. But the process of making it constant is that the humans we have been in contact with or that we talk to who are involved with our Essences that we are in charge with, if we come into contact with too many of the turned Essences, then we have to shift some of our energy focus unto them. Just like, as Becky was explaining it to you, regarding the energy level situation, I can feed as much energy as she could possibly want to keep her at a certain level.

Ralph: Now let me just try to understand the terms again. I'm having to be careful with the English language, because it is based on physical concepts and we are using physically defined words -

Faith: Wait a minute, I think we know what you are going to say. OK, if you want to define what Becky's energy would be like, it would be like this leaf. That would be Becky's energy level. Our energy level would be those four trees in a line, with all those leaves.

Ralph: Let me back up, it's not exactly what I meant. I'm well aware that just the term energy is not adequate for this because there are at least two kinds of energy, I'm taking this from physics, and light, and what I read recently on the physics of light, and this is why I want to make sure we are using the right terms by a certain definition.

Faith: OK, alright.

Ralph: In physics, energy is never destroyable.

Faith: Correct

Ralph: It is only convertible into another form. Now, if I am to pick this stick up, I use energy to pick this up off the ground, because gravity is a type of energy that is pulling it toward the ground. If I drop it, energy is going to apply to it and be called gravity. There is an attraction between all objects. There is an attraction between the object called Earth and this twig.

Faith: Right.

Ralph: And the reason why this body stands on this earth instead of floating around is because gravity is the attracting force, energy between this small body and this big body called the Earth. Alright, now that kind of energy is considered to be constant, as far as the total supply is concerned, but my muscular energy could be transformed into gravity energy by dropping the twig. Now, in that book on light, it is quite clear that the energy that you are talking about in mental operations and in Thoughtspace is not the same as the energy that I have to use to pick up the twig or to walk my body around the streets. That is why I say, that is convertible and Einstein made the formula of conversion between mass and energy. Now, that, we are talking about again energy in the Thoughtspace realm, I will have to make an assumption as a question. Can it be transformed into anything else?

Faith: What are you stating by conversion into something else?

Ralph: This twig itself can be burned with a match, and that will transform the energy holding the molecules together; they will be freed, and, by the heat applied to it, we transform that into heat energy and light energy.

Faith: Right.

Ralph: Now, we understand that in physics, and that is all part of the way the physical world is put together. Now I hesitate to use that concept of energy in talking about you in Thoughtspace. That's my problem. As I suspect it does not operate the same way.

Faith: No. It does not.

Ralph: And I might need to have some –

Faith: The terms you would understand would be the energy you were talking about, but that's not our energy.

Ralph: So it's an energy of a different quality.

Faith: Totally.

Ralph: That's where I get confused about declining energy or increasing energy because the energy of the physical world is only transferable. It's not declinable. The total volume is static, and they have done studies all over the universe showing that which we have has been here all the time and has been converted to different shapes and sizes.

Faith: Thoughtspace is not that avenue.

Ralph: That's what I'm saying, trying to put it into words to describe it creates a problem to me.

Faith: Your energy is converted energy and nonconverted energy – place those two together and that is our energy. Plus more. But there is not a term or a phrase that there is in your language that can explain that situation to you.

Ralph: I'm aware of that, that's why I'm mentioning this that I don't want people to misunderstand when we use the word energy. The energy that we are converting is not in your area.

Faith: No. Energy in Thoughtspace is totally different than the energy level in the physical realm. That's why we are trying to give a “for instance” of the way the energy is. Becky would be a leaf. I myself would be four trees with all their leaves together. Hope would be twice as many. And Charity would take them all.

Ralph: The whole forest.

Faith: Right. And lots more.

Ralph: I'm just saying that –

Faith: By myself feeding that one leaf with my four trees with all of their leaves, would be depleting my reserves that I have. Especially when I am feeding it to one Essence.

Ralph: When you have 150 to look after and all of them have troubles.

Faith: That's right. By those four trees, I'm going to wear very thin on leaves. So by wearing very thin on my leaves, I must call on Hope for help, "We need to do something about replenishing my trees, here. I'm running very, very low. How about replenishing?" Hope will say, "No problem, let's get everything under control and you guys come up here for a while. We will send somebody else down there that's got a little bit more trees than you do that doesn't need as many leaves right now, and they can take over for you." We say, "That's fine," and we go away. When we come back, my four trees are back, my leaves are back on the branches and I'm ready to start again.

Ralph: It's like in a bank, you build up your account with a transfusion of money from the central bank in Philadelphia or somewhere.

Faith: Right

Ralph: We are doing that all the time.

Faith: What I am stating on human terms it's about the best I can describe it.

Ralph: The question I have then in that energy, is there a fixed amount that is in the universe, like we say a fixed amount of physical energy is on this globe?

Faith: A fixed amount of energy – No. It is not a fixed amount. Ours is a never ending.

Ralph: So that gets into the infinite capacity of the whole space.

Faith: If you can describe the infinite capacity.

Ralph: So you are never going to run out, no matter what we do down here.

Faith: No.

Ralph: That's nice to know.,

Faith: But the only avenue of what, for ourselves, for why we had been stripped of our leaves so fast was because of the avenue of the way Becky needed our help. That's why if we remember correctly there were two or three times when we said we had to disappear for a while. But once we disappeared and came back, everything was just fine. It's just a matter of the extreme emergencies that we had to deal with.

Ralph: Now the emergencies were caused by the human emotions.

Faith: Correct.

Ralph: And the use of Free Will by the False Front and all the personalities.

Faith: And by the other therapists and the other individuals that were involved and were becoming involved with whole process of getting Becky's charge back to way it was. And the reason why it was so important was that Becky's charge is to do what she is doing now, to bring you back into the path you need to be. That's why it was so important that our energy level was going down because it was important that it happened at a certain point in time and that it would come back to now.

Ralph: You had a very good reason to put out all the work, because the goal necessary to hold her together. Because I have to have her vocal cords. If I don't have your vocal cords, I'm not recording anything.

Faith: That's correct, you aren't.

Ralph: Then I wouldn't have anything to type.

Faith: That's correct. Then you would feel very comfortable and wouldn't have to worry about any fights, correct?

Ralph: I don't think it would change a bit in that subject, but it would be nice to think it would, but it wouldn't, so I might as well go ahead and write.

Faith: Right.

Ralph: I'd get the fights anyhow.

Faith: No matter what.

Ralph: I should get some rewards after all this time.

Faith: That's correct.

Ralph: Alright, we are talking, you can't measure the energies in Thoughtspace, we are talking about the light of the universe, the light of wisdom, that kind of light, people see a light at the end of the tunnel, in OOBE there is a light. Those kind of lights are not shining from the sun with physical photons. And therefore you couldn't use the rules of physics that measure photons

Faith: Because there are not rules.

Ralph: Because it isn't the same.

Faith: It's not measurable.

Ralph: There are no tools to measure it.

Faith: No. Just as Charity told you, there are not tools to measure it. Just as there are no rules in our realm.

Ralph: That's a problem, in physical space, the only way you know something is there is to have a tool to measure it.

Faith: Correct

Ralph: Like I have an eye to see this, I have a hand to touch this and these are my physical tools and I can take a measuring device and all that.

Faith: You can't measure a thought.

Ralph: I can't measure any of you people. Therefore, people say, "You obviously don't exist if we can't measure you."

Faith: You could take your calibers in the air and describe one of ourselves.

Ralph: But that would only be hoping I would get a bit of air between them and you are not in the air.

Faith: No.

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