Friday, June 13, 2008

Charity's Views on Destructive Feelings

Below is a brief conversation I had in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE, and my spiritual mentor.

Charity: What the humans are doing, they are not voting at all, correct?

Ralph: A lot of them don’t. A lot of them don’t want anything to do with it this year. Cathy was talking that way, and that’s understandable.

Charity: All humans feel that way. It is a feeling again. If the humans relied on what was inside themselves and talked that way and conversed that way, you would find an intellectual basis and awareness that no human has ever been able to tap into.

Ralph: I would suspect a lot of people don’t think there is any of this intellectual mind in the other people that they despise. They see them only in terms of the feelings they are putting out that make them have bad feelings towards them.

Charity: To see who can be destroyed faster.

Ralph: They talk about attitudes, but their attitudes are, "I hate that group or that group hates me."

Charity: Of course, it’s like your wars. It is the same avenue, of different groups, of different colors, different heights, different weights.

Ralph: Then we have the situation within the same culture where the two Iraqi men went back home, got divorced and got shot by their own relatives as being disgraceful to the family.

Charity: Yes, we know.

Ralph: It didn’t sound like any improvement in our society.

Charity: That is not that. This society, the cultures that are now here on your globe, is destructive.

Ralph: It is enough trouble like you have in the Old Yugoslavia, you’ve got three different cultural groups fighting each other. Here you have the same cultural group killing its own members.

Charity: Why do humans insist on destruction instead of talking?

Ralph: Now that’s an excellent question I don’t have an answer for. We should discuss that more.

Charity: Yes. Why? Talking is more interesting, more of having an awareness, but destruction – you are destroying a human being with machinery, with your monetary values. There is nothing left soon to destroy except for your own selves.

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