Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spiritual Helpers

During a psychiatric practice of treating patients with MPD/DID, I discovered, when I started interviewing dissociated Essence (ISHs) of my multiple patients, that they are the individual spiritual helper we each have. The ISH gets its messages from on high, from its supervisors in Thoughtspace. The supervisors are like the three CIE I met – Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith is closest to the ISH, supervising 150 of them. She is called the Spiritual Guardian of the Essences. In angelology, she is the Guardian Angel. Above her is one like Hope, a Spiritual Teacher of the Guardians. Above her is one like Charity, a Spiritual Professor of the Teachers. Above her is what they all worship – The Creator. These three CIE are the CIE of the human race. There are also CIE of everything else in the universe, like the weather, the earth’s crust, viruses, bacteria, etc. They were created by The Creator to run the creation intelligently.