Saturday, June 21, 2008

Charity's Views on Lawyers

During my discussions in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, she taught me how reincarnation works. She taught that there is a first series of lifetimes which is called “Survival Training” during which the paired Essence + Personality are learning how to survive in their culture. Then they progress onto lives in which they have a major occupational identity. The first identity is that of Preacher, the least spiritually mature occupational identity. After being a Preacher, they move up the ladder to become a Journalist. When they have been that a few times, they then progress to being a Lawyer, the occupational identity which is the third least spiritually mature one. After that lifetime, they will have a wide variety of occupations, depending on what their Master Life Plan says. Here we discuss the role in society of the lawyers, whom I had to work with repeatedly while working in prison and doing court reports on accused criminals.

Charity: The first lifetimes, as we have told you, is for the preachers. Usually the next mode is the journalist mode. After that is usually your lawyer's mode. Then you have various other modes. Then it’s usually after that the Doctor mode. Then it starts working itself back down again.

Ralph: I see that is where we are going overboard on that because, as a human doctor, if I don't put someone on life support, I can be accused of killing them and violating one of the Ten Commandment.

Charity: But you are not.

Ralph: Tell that to our lawyers. They will take my license away for that.

Charity: You are following what the space we reside in dictates.

Ralph: When I was on Emergency room duty, my Essence knew that, all the doctors and nurses knew that. It is the other folks telling us how to operate who get in the way.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: If they would leave us alone, it wouldn't be a problem. You don't have people wanting people to die quickly. You are doing everything you can to maintain them, but you are not being foolish about it. You evaluate everything right there, and you make judgments. There is nothing wrong with those judgments. The Essences are all there working together. I understand that.
Unfortunately, lawyers don't. Do lawyers have Essences? I'm not sure they do.

Charity: We just told you.

Ralph: I'm kidding, but it seems as if they have forgotten somehow that it's in there somewhere, because they are not using those principles at all.

Charity: We understand that.

Ralph: Now if you CIE had so much to do with AIDS, you could have stopped it. Because then they could have done the things they already knew how to do with the other diseases. But now we can't even look for contacts and warn them. You didn't need a law to deal with AIDS. The lawyers ruined it by this law.

[Now Faith, a Spiritual Guardian CIE, replaces Charity.]

Faith: Human's Free Will changed it, the avenues –

Ralph: I'm saying that inasmuch as the other diseases all operate in the same way with human beings, we don't require laws to protect confidentiality.

Faith: OK

Ralph: Somewhere along the line an intervention could have occurred so the lawmakers didn't pass that law.

Faith: When that happened, did you need ourselves?

Ralph: You're not going to tell me that was a necessary law.

Faith: We are not going to make a judgment call.

Ralph: I don't think you wanted the law.

Faith: We are not going to talk about that and human Free Will.

Ralph: Human Free Will is what makes all the laws.

Faith: Thank you.

Ralph: You haven't got any laws.

Faith: We have no rules.

Ralph: You just have individual choices at the time of making choices.

Faith: Correct. All avenues of choices.

Ralph: No legal ethics, only situational ethics. Basically, each person is unique unto all others.

Faith: Correct

Ralph: Well, one of the major rules that messes it up is what I call the Fairness Doctrine. That everyone must be dealt with fairly, meaning equally to all people, and that is not part of your code.

[Here Charity comes back to replace Faith.]

Charity: No. Each human has to experience their Life Plan that they are set upon this time to experience. You humans want to change that.

Ralph: That is where our lawyer friends have been propounding that very vigorously, and they are getting control of the rules and regulations for all these things.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: Now maybe you can do something about the types of lawyers we get. Can you improve their spirituality?

Charity: No.

Ralph: Now come on, that would seem to be the most effective way to improve the system.

Charity: No, they don’t have enough time and experiences to be able to improve them.

Ralph: They are not terribly advanced.

Charity: No.

Ralph: So they are in need of a lot of control.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: Now I have to deal with them at work.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: It’s a challenge.

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