Thursday, June 19, 2008

Charity's Views on Talking to the CIE

During one of my conversations in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, we discussed the ways the Essences and the CIE can communicate directly to us humans. Here is the transcript of that conversation.

Ralph: Maybe we could talk about various ways of listening. I have an example with Gene this afternoon. As you know, he has not been able to comprehend an Essence directly, and he asked me whether or not the CIE could talk through somebody besides Marie. I said they had indicated it was possible and I had had an example with Elise. Well, whom he meant was his wife. He had talked with her after the session with Marie and tried to inform her of what he was going through so she would know what was happening to him. She has always been a spiritually attuned lady. So they were in the car together, and he was explaining what had happened between him and Marie that had caused a freeze in communication and, without him explaining enough so that someone could intellectually analyze it, she came right out with a statement sounding very much like what I am used to hearing from you folks about other people. "Basically, she was just testing you out." It was the kind of analysis which left him wondering who was talking through his wife. Because physically, she didn’t know enough about it to have come out with an intellectual analysis of the situation. It sounded like what I hear Becky talking about or you talking about these kind of situations. So, do you have any comments? Were you using his own mate to get around his own barrier?

Charity: You are most correct.

Ralph: So what would you – how would you explain who was doing what in that situation?

Charity: That was his Guardian that was bringing forth the information. But the Guardian was using the vocal cords of his mate. Just as we have used others.

Ralph: OK, so Ruth [Spiritual Guardian for both Gene and myself] was busy going through his mate because he would be listening to her as it happens. Well, he was quite impressed. He still hasn’t gotten a direct internal communication he can –

Charity: That is because he is still in the mode of the scientific reality. He has not chosen to believe fully what is inside of him. He is not trusting, therefore he has closed, it is very hard for him to open up.

Ralph: He admits repeatedly he is in a big hurry.

Charity: Right

Ralph: And when you are in a big hurry, it blocks it.

Charity: Of course, it will always block it

Ralph: OK, but also the Essence has to put out a message to follow.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: I'm just thinking about types of messages other than what we have already mentioned.

Charity: Well, the Essence has many messages all the time for every one of its charges, and each message is varied for each charge. One avenue is needing to watch a TV program. Because the Guardian and the Essence are so close together, it could be the Guardian is feeding to the Essence that the charge should drop this job and go to this other one. It could be matters of moving the house. It is different avenues of different things.

Ralph: Now let me just ask about my moving from Santa Cruz. That involved a lot of different people taking certain actions that I had to respond to.

Charity: And we know how well you respond to certain avenues.

Ralph: I'm just trying to clarify for the records, if it makes a difference how much the Essence does, versus the rest of the CIE.

Charity: Because of what you are destined for, your situation was a little different. We have taken over the aspect of yourself. Ruth is there but she is busy with other avenues, with others. Because you are part of what is going to happen, we have had to take over and go on the avenue of what the Essence does and what the CIE does, you have to remember we are not hierarchical.

Ralph: We are trying to talk about the Essence here, so I'm just trying to narrow down what the Essence does.

Charity: That’s very difficult.

Ralph: Is it possible to separate it out?

Charity: It’s difficult. If you go to the last chapter of the manuscript that was just finished, it points out what the Essence is involved with.

Ralph: But moving out of town wasn’t one of them.

Charity: It was not. But we are stating that it is an avenue of Michael [my Essence] and the Guardian [Ruth].

Ralph: So there it is a matter of teamwork where the Essence is passing the communications on that might be engendered by one of the CIE, who's got the plan laid out and he is like an agent. He is a local agent.

Charity: Right.

Ralph: In charge to get that person moving, and someone else is the agent to get that person to move.

Charity: Right. What happens on it – you need to meet this human being for a reason, you need to discuss certain matters, whatever it is the situation for yourself is important that the Essence directs that information to yourself. There are different avenues. The Essence talks to you. And each human being is too different from each other to give a broad description.

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