Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Charity's Views on Welfare & Criminals

During my discussions in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, we discussed her views of providing welfare grants to citizens and other topics related to antisocial behavior of citizens. Here is a transcription of that conversation.

Charity: We are here. We manage, we direct, we do all for all humans. Let us do our responsibility.

Ralph: Well, now, if we take that to heart, then we would pretty well be able to eliminate all of our welfare departments,

Charity: Is that monetary again?

Ralph: Well, they are there to give them the monetary support they don’t have so they can pay for food and water and clothing..

Charity: We can understand that aspect. Some humans have more than other humans do. With the avenue of spiritually teaching and spiritual growing another human, you also are going to share your resources, necessary for survival itself. But what we are stating is that you as humans do not need to take, or physically protect, or negate our responsibilities, feel it is your responsibilities. The human population does need their nourishment to sustain their existence. That is fine. You can do that. That’s OK. But when the time has come for the non-existence of the human at that time, we have other avenues of non-existence.

Ralph: All right, now, I have met in prison men who killed their babies. They were living on the streets, they were Hippies, drug addicts, the wife was, too, and this baby came along, and they killed it. They then get sent to prison.

Charity: Let me stop you. We have a question for you. You have a different facial expression when you are talking regarding drug addicts and hippies and living on the streets, etc. Why does your facial expression change? Your facial expression seems to ourselves as something that you detest.

Ralph: Well, they are doing everything that is against my code of how to behave in a civilized society.

Charity: So therefore it is your code that you are dictating unto them?

Ralph: No, I'm not dictating. I don’t have to approve of what they do.

Charity: That’s all we wanted to know.

Ralph: If they choose to be there, fine. I don’t have to agree with that. They have other places they could go to that they have chosen not to go to. That’s frequently the fact. It isn’t that they are forced into it.

Charity: We were just wondering.

Ralph: But they are operating at a suboptimal level of social behavior regarding raising their children. And the children frequently end up being hurt, diseased, and killed.

Charity: You were stating just a second ago before we interrupted yourself that human men who are in your prison situation have gone out and killed their babies and then wound up in prison, and you were going to –

Ralph: Now, I'm just saying, that if you were to have it the way you would choose to have it, these people would still be killing their babies, and you would be taking care of the Essences of the babies, I mean, you have to anyhow, but would you let that man continue walking around the streets free to kill the next baby that came along? Because that is what he would probably do.

Charity: If it was designed for him, on that aspect to do, yes.

Ralph: That kind of an idea would create what we call Soft on Crime issue and would certainly be subject for a great deal of criticism. This is an awful man to harm an innocent child, who couldn’t even defend himself. And you’re just going to let him walk free?

Charity: Would you not want that human to come back and become a baby that it was going to, that that human body before had destroyed?

Ralph: Well this – you don’t care that the man did it, that it’s OK to kill all the babies you want? That is not a good idea. It does not teach him anything about –

Charity: You have to remember that everything that a human being learns and does in any of its lifetimes are going to be learned and redone again and either grown or stay the same until they can pass through. Each human has several eons of Life Plans until you have completed your Master Life Plan.

Ralph: Here I am saying that this would imply that there is no need for a social control system of any sort. Let everybody do whatever they want. That’s chaos.

Charity: You have to remember that you have different scenarios of what you are stating. We are looking at the Essence, you are looking at the human carcass, correct?

Ralph: Yes.

Charity: If the Essence of that human who had destroyed or killed that other life, that Essence was designed to do it and it carried it out to what had to be done. Then that’s fine. Then it would know that it would either have to be, per your society that you have now, that it knew that it would have to be locked away. That that was the way it was going to teach and learn to have their charge learn. Right? Now, on a different scenario basis, we can see an Essence there that at that time had destroyed that life as it was designed to do, but did it in such a way that it was turning. What could happen at that time is that that human would probably go into what you considered your prison, then something would spiritually happen to that human as it was incarcerated to have a lesson learned to itself, basically to the Essence. That is what it is. And you have the other scenario again which states, goes up to the same part of it, but the Essence is turned. It enjoyed the kill. It was talking to the humans about how it was going to destroy another. It might have been designed to go ahead and destroy two or three more, whatever the case may be. But the Essence is turned. Therefore when that human is caught, or that human could be destroyed by another human, in the same manner, at that time, we could take that Essence up and it would go into my school.

Ralph: Now, OK, one thing I left out of this scenario, which I think helps your argument, is that with the people I would see in a big city who are raising children on the street and not doing what I’d consider a proper job of giving them a home, and putting them in danger, we have the criminal justice system and the jails to respond to that. That’s what our culture consists of. OK? The Guardians have put them into this culture, where those jails exist, where those police departments are going to be active. Or the Guardians could have put them into some tribal culture in Africa where there are no jails, and they would behave again according to the customs of that territory.

Charity: That’s correct.

Ralph: So it’s all right for us to have the jails, as long as the people don’t operate with turned Essences running the jails.

Charity: That’s another avenue unto themselves.

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