Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charity's Views on Protecting Children

During one discussion in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, she discussed the CIE’s attitude about our society’s desire to protect children from harm in their community. Here is the transcript of that discussion.

Ralph: In that regard, they taught us in medical school that 90% of conceptions were spontaneously aborted and only about 10% actually went to term. Nine out of 10 times the body discarded the egg and that’s what you are doing, and we can trust the process.

Charity: That’s correct. You cannot, as a human being, state the scenario, regarding the poor mother who does not have a husband, is a drug addict or whatever the case may be, you as a human cannot make a judgment onto what that new human child is going to be. That human child’s Essence needed that atmosphere to be either raised in or not to be born in. It doesn’t matter, but you again as a human being are infringing on our responsibilities as CIE to place an Essence where an Essence has to be placed.

Ralph: Well you see we have all these social engineers, like legislators, and my daughter, a social worker. She is a social engineer who goes and looks at these situations and these families. My daughter was taking kids away from cocaine addicted mothers on a regular basis as they were damaging their kids who were born with cocaine in their bodies and such like that. Now for anybody to tell them to leave these babies in these very dangerous situations, the babies will be physically damaged, will require special care for the rest of their lives – that doesn’t make any sense to them. And you are saying they should leave them in that situation and not intervene?

Charity: No, you have to remember that the Essence of that human being needs to be there at that particular point in time. The child and the parent have to be there at that point in time. Each family structure is designed specifically for each one of those family members to learn and develop what they have to learn and develop in spiritual growth. Do not take away children from mothers and try to save them. You are again infringing on the CIE’s and the Essences’ responsibility.

Ralph: Well, then we get into the area of child abuse and the evils of beating up helpless children, and that’s what some of these women are doing. And you sound as if you don’t mind if the little children get beaten on.

Charity: You have to remember – in that aspect, you are thinking of us as heartless human beings. We are not human beings, we are CIE, we design each Essence’s lifetime. Each human’s lifetime has to coincide with spiritual growth. Each human has been in every aspect of every conceivable scenario that any human has ever had or will have. For each human, yourself, you have gone through physical abuse, you have gone through sexual abuse, you have gone through murdering, you have gone through as the victim, you has gone through as the black man, you have gone through as every ethnic race. You have gone through every avenue that can ever happen to a human population. Why would it be natural for the human population that you have grown into now deem it necessary to take out these other ones that are now learning the same kind of avenue that you have learned?

Ralph: I am pointing out the American tradition is that we must protect these helpless babies from these inadequate mothers and fathers. That is our social responsibility, so they will have the chance to grow up in a middle class home instead of the low class home they were born into. That is what we pay tons of taxes for.

Charity: You have to remember that each one of the Essences was working in that situation. They had to be where they were at that time. Each Guardian was working where they were supposed to be. They were at that spot where they needed to be at. No human needed to interfere. They were where they were supposed to be, they were learning what they needed to be. Period.

Ralph: You don’t see that they made a mistake by not calling in for outside help that was physically available?

Charity: No.

Ralph: I have a hard time with that kind of a view of it, but that’s your view. I wasn’t there, I didn’t have to make their choices. I'm just saying I was not the one with the choice, they had to make that, and they did come through it, the kids were all alive and breathing so you cant argue with the results.

Charity: They needed to learn what they needed to learn.

Ralph: OK.

Charity: Would that the humans should not take away our responsibility. They were in the situation they needed to be before them, that was created for them.

Ralph: You remember Elise and her child, whom she took to the CPS for a temporary foster home each time she went into the hospital? You remember the battle I went through with them because three times they were going to put the kid up for adoption? Now, that’s looking after the child from their point of view. That was a major stand of theirs.

Charity: That was not looking after the child.

Ralph: From their point of view, they thought they were.

Charity: From their point of view, yes. But Elise was alive enough to know what was happening. She was taking care of the child.

Ralph: That’s why I talked to them.

Charity: What the institution was doing with the rules and regulations again was not looking at the avenue with how things were with that family. And you have to remember the family was there at that particular point in time that they needed to be. Don’t change our responsibility. Don’t infringe upon ourselves. We are here. We run the humans' lives. Don’t infringe upon us.

Ralph: We will still have plenty of work to do, right?

C: Of course. You humans will have plenty to do. We are here. Why try to take it upon yourselves to do it all when we are here?

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