Monday, June 16, 2008

Charity's Views on Groups

Below is the transcription of a discussion with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor, in 1995, regarding activities of groups of human beings.

Ralph: How are you going to get all those people to do those kind things? If they don’t come through a religion, where do they get indoctrinated? At the same time, you have a lot of religious people in those groups who were not very nice. We have stories of the nuns who beat the little children, and the priests that molested them in the school down in Santa Barbara. There were a lot of unpleasantries with children they were in charge of. So are you planning on filling the gaps that religions cover? Right now they are having a hard time recruiting new priests and nuns.

Charity: We know.

Ralph: There are not many people interested in those careers.

Charity: That should explain that, should it not? That should tell you how the religions are going to be.

Ralph: They are getting wilder and wilder with all these radicals who are bombing abortion mills,

Charity: Humans do not want to associate with those kinds of Christians. And the religions as they are will not be existing. As you can see with the shift in the avenue that the religions have to decrease at the same time the humans become involved with their Essences.

Ralph: The thing is – lodges are large groups, governments are large groups, individuals are not large groups, each Essence is not a large group.

Charity: Correct.

Ralph: There are certain things that require large groups of people for the varieties of talents. Where are we going to get these large groups? That would be my question.

Charity: Large groups – why?

Ralph: Because you need a variety of people.

Charity: You will have them. They are all around, are they not, all the time?

Ralph: I don’t know.

Charity: Are you not a member of a group, Rotary? You have that kind of group, correct?

Ralph: Is that group OK? It is not a religion.

Charity: Did we state it was not?

Ralph: I'm just asking. It was another group which has not done this. They do not tell you what to believe.

Charity: You have a group of individuals who are together.

Ralph: And they try to help other people.

Charity: Correct. You have groups of individuals around here who might be concerned about neighbors.

Ralph: Neighborhood groups, yes.

Charity: You have groups that are all around. You have humans who that are interested on learning how to dance and to socialize. So therefore you are going to go out there.

Ralph: And to the computer club.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: So you are seeing these kind of interest groups. The Internet has interest groups all over the place. You know how firm they are against telling anyone how to believe.

Charity: Yes.

Ralph: That’s not an acceptable process. You have interest groups all over the place. So you see them as replacing the group forces. We have religious groups who build hospitals. We have other groups that can do that who are not religious groups.

Charity: Right.

Ralph: We don’t want to do away with things that are doing well.

Charity: We are going to stop with this avenue.

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