Friday, June 13, 2008

Charity's Views on Fertility Clinics

Below is a conversation I had in 1995 with Charity, a Professor CIE and my spiritual mentor. We were discussing how the use of fertilization clinics interfere with the function of the Spiritual Guardian in providing Essences for each newborn baby on schedule.

Ralph: One of the programs I heard on the radio coming over here was an interview with the head of a center for high tech fertilization techniques, making babies when the mothers do not get pregnant.

Charity: But fertilizing is what you make something grow with.

Ralph: I understand, but this is used in the sense of the egg in a mother’s ovary is fertilized by the sperm to make a baby. It is woman being fertile like land being fertile. But the point is that these women and men, their husbands, have used every other natural technique available and have not been able to have the woman get pregnant. They have had infections and surgery, so they go to the fertilization clinic and try to create a baby by some means where the fertilization takes place outside the body, like in a test tube. They get an egg and a sperm from the parents and grow them and then implant them in the mother to overcome the physical limitations the mother has for getting pregnant in the normal way. Now it was interesting listening to this because you had people talking about this being something every couple has the right to do, and we should spend all this money on this, and every woman has the right to become a mother and spend as much of our finances as necessary to achieve this. Yet other people get pregnant without any trouble whatsoever the first day they get married. I am just wondering what – we get a lot of these high tech maneuvers that are involved in basic human functions like this. Life support is just one at the other end. This is at the start. What do you think of that?

Charity: We want to call it a concern.

Ralph: Interestingly, we just had a clinic like that in Orange county be investigated for fraud and corruption. They were giving the embryos to the wrong people without permission. It pretty well destroyed their operation.

Charity: You know, for ourselves, the Guardian picks out the family and the culture that the human is to be born into, and to grow in. When a human cannot become pregnant, that is because it is not designed for it. But what is happening is the humans in your medical profession are attempting to circumvent what we have chosen to stop.

Ralph: That’s my concern, we could end up with all kinds of --

Charity: That’s why we are having to go about not being able to have – you are overpopulating – we are overpopulating on Essences. Your human species, your medical profession has a wrong idea on certain aspects. Regarding the aspects of keeping the human alive forever, no, stop. To create life, as you would state it, physical life, that needs to be curtailed, that does not need to happen.

Ralph: The Guardian now has a new baby being born the next month it hadn’t planned on. What happens?

Charity: We have to go and find an Essence that will go into it, by pulling off someone or making sure one of the Essences is in the last lifetime, and the charge that they have is basically at the very last one, but sometimes it doesn’t quite meet the last one, so we can go ahead and usher it in. Or The Creator has to develop or we have to send them through school faster for more Essences. It’s impossible sometimes to make sure that each human species has the correct Essence for that time. The humans are choosing to create a physical life again before we are ready for it.

Ralph: That’s what I wondered about it.

Charity: You are creating a dangerous part of it for that new life, itself, because we have to curtail another one to have that one ready for an Essence in training. While the other Essence can separate and go into that one when that other life had not been planned.

Ralph: Again this is the kind of thing that I can see is interfering in everybody else’s plans but those of the mother and father who think, "I deserve a baby." They feel that is their God given right to have a baby, and they are being cheated if they don’t have their own. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of them available, such as foster children, adopted children, but they don’t want somebody else’s children. There is a code that they have.

Charity: There is a code that has been passed down to them from generation to generation for society. Their society has cultivated that falsehood.

Ralph: Then I look at my own daughter who has had all this trouble getting pregnant, and I can understand your concern. I had no problems with it, but you are not going to tell her that she isn’t as good a mother as every other woman on her block whose got three or four kids. That is to her an insult.

Charity: You also have the humans who are producing more children in laboratories. If you, on one hand, as physicians, create new life and on the other hand you extend the lives of other humans, we need Essences.

Ralph: Well, somebody.

Charity: You are doing our jobs.

Ralph: It seems somebody in Orange county, south of L.A., took care of one of those fertility clinics and closed it down because the doctor in charge started giving babies to the wrong people. And he’s down in Mexico.

Charity: Yes,

Ralph: So somehow that didn’t work out.

Charity: No,

Ralph: It could be a hint for the others

Charity: Which it is.

Ralph: Of course they see this as one man who was aberrant.

Charity: Of course.

Ralph: Now he is trying to get more Mexican children to be born. They don’t need anymore Mexican children to be born.

Charity: They don’t need anymore to be born at this time. They need to recycle the older ones.

Ralph: OK, now,

Charity: You humans choose to dabble in our responsibilities. Why? Can you answer that question for ourselves?

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